Embroidery Design Inspiration

Spring Stitching

The weather’s warming up and everything’s coming to life again! Including my inspiration. After the long, cold winter, the green of grass and new leaves and the chirping of birds has me thinking of a new grocery tote with flower embroidery, or kitchen towels with cute critters in pastel thread, or…

If you’re brimming with inspiration and looking for new embroidery designs, check out CME‘s new exclusive collections every issue, at shopsewitall.com.

Like the Ribbon Garden embroidery collection:

CMEGRDN Embroidery Design Inspiration

Or the retro Diner Delights kitchen collection (featured on the May/June cover and project designed by yours truly):

CME DinerDelights Blog Embroidery Design Inspiration

(Coincidentally, you can also get the kit to make the cover project, which includes the fabric, place mat forms, rickrack and the entire Diner Delights collection.)

Visit shopsewitall.com for more embroidery inspiration, supplies and designs!

Happy Stitching!

Shoot 14091716805 150x150 Embroidery Design Inspiration


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