Bead Embroidery Giveaway!

This is for all of you embroidery enthusiast out there! Have you been noticing all of the lovely beaded embellishments right now? Everywhere I look! Handbags, Peter Pan collars, shoulder embellishments, ballet flats, denim jeans and statement necklaces, oh my! It is amazing what a few beads can do!

Sometimes I have the urge to sit down and work with my hands. Hand embroidery gives me a creative outlet for stress relief. The simple motions and small work space give me a piece of mind.  If any of you need a new hands on activity that won’t break the bank, bead embroidery might be for you. I will list a few of my favorite bead embroidery books to get you started or if you are experienced in bead embroidery, I will show you a motif book that will further your love in this creative outlet.

Bead Embroidery Stitch Samples

bead book 500w 243x300 Bead Embroidery Giveaway!


This is an amazing book for beginners! Inside, you’ll find a collection of 130 stitch patterns that incorporate beads, ranging from elegantly simple single motifs to complex all-over patterns to three-dimensional designs. Along with step-by-step instructions,  you’ll see numerous examples of how the authors have added these beaded motifs to hems, pockets, cuffs, collars, and handbags, or used them as home décor trim on pillows, curtains, and lampshades. The patterns inside emphasize beaded edgings and trims, as opposed to heavy, solid beaded fabric motifs found in other beaded embroidery books. You’ll be inspired and charmed as you discover endless ways to make lovely patterns with beads and stitchery. Available at the Interweave Store.

Bead Embroidery Stitch Samples: Motifs

Stitch Sample Motifs 225x300 Bead Embroidery Giveaway!

This book is the next step to beaded embroidery. This is a great book for beginners to advanced beaders. With 123 motifs that vary from elegantly simple single motifs, to complex all-over patterns, to 3-dimensional designs. Along with step-by-step instructions are numerous examples of how to use and place the motifs on hems, pockets, cuffs, collars and handbags; or as home décor trim on pillows, curtains or lampshades. Patterns emphasize beaded edgings and trims, as opposed to heavy, solid beaded fabric motifs found in other beaded embroidery books. Also available at the Interweave Store.

If the first two books sound inspiring and you cannot choose which one to buy first, I have a treat for you! They are available in a collection! At a great price you can get both Bead Embroidery Stitch Samples and Bead Embroidery Stitch Samples: Motifs at the Interweave Store.

Stitch Sample Collection 225x300 Bead Embroidery Giveaway!

Author Yasuko Endo makes craft and home décor designs and products for CRK Design. She has also appeared on a NHK program, Sutekini Handmade, where she presented bead embroidery stitch sample ideas and techniques. Yasuko is based in Japan.

 Guess what embroiders?! I have a copy of the Bead Embroidery Stitch Samples by Yasuko Endo to giveaway!! PRIZE TIME! 

To enter to win the prize all you have to do is answer the question below and a winner will be picked at random.

What is the one thing you would LOVE to embellish with bead embroidery (photos encouraged!)??

 Good luck and happy embroidering!!

Jessica Z Head Shot Cropped 200 150x150 Bead Embroidery Giveaway!-Jessica

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27 Responses to Bead Embroidery Giveaway!

  1. KathyC says:

    I would love to embroidery T-shirts!

  2. Pam McDonald says:

    I just started crazy quilting and I love it!! I have been wanting to try bead embroidery with that. Should be a lot of fun! Thanks for the awesome giveaway ;)

  3. Laura Odenthl says:

    I am having a hard time deciding but would love to bead an embroidered pillow (silk). I’d also love to bead embroider a denim shirt!!! There are so many wonderful things that would be better with beading!

  4. Judy Abbott says:

    I would love to bead a dressy jacket

  5. MindyZW says:

    i think beads add such a cool look to embroidery, quilting, clothing. I would like to try beading pillows.

  6. Patricia Ballas says:

    My sued/leather coat and denim jackets, blouses hand bags, crazy quilts.

  7. Sonia Das says:

    I would love to embroider a reticule purse that would hold a basic set of embroidery supplies so I could have a beautiful project bag!

  8. Cheryl Derrick says:

    My counted cross stitch is what I think of first and then the handbags and aprons that I make would look great with beading.

  9. Janie says:

    My wall quilts. Thank you for the amazing giveaway.

  10. Barb Bryson says:

    I would add beaded embroidery to my fiber art pieces.

  11. The one thing you would LOVE to embellish with bead embroidery are blouses which need a little ooooomph, they have been worn enough to be a little dull but not so much to be repurposed. Thank you

  12. Mary Birenbaum says:

    I like to embellish hand woven fabric jackets.

  13. connie b says:

    I love to use embroidery and beads on my small quilts. I just joined a crazy quilt club to learn more embroidery stitches using just about everything, beads, ribbons, trims, laces, floss, pearl cotton, you name it. Looking forward to learning all the fancy stitches. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

  14. Penny Dahl says:

    I make a lot of purses. So, I would like to bead a nice evening bag or perhaps bead a monogram on a more casual purse or clutch.

  15. Sharon LaMontagne says:

    I would love to try adding bead embellishment to the machine embroidery I do on the personalized wedding banners I make. I think it could make a stunning statement!

  16. Jenna O says:

    I love to use them on pillow covers :)

  17. Cindy says:

    I would add beads to jackets and shirts.

  18. Candy Dalesandro says:

    I’d like to add beading to gloves & scarves. Thank you!

  19. ziebarthj says:

    Thank you all for sharing your beaded embellished dreams! Beading is a wonderful way to add pizzazz to anything! We have selected a winner and I will be emailing you privately. For those of you who would still love to embellish with beads, you can purchase both Bead Embroidery Stitch Samples and Bead Embroidery Stitch Samples: Motifs at the Interweave Store.

    I hope you all enjoy your weekend and continue to be creative!


  20. Christine Severance says:

    I love to use them on pillow covers

  21. Mary Bagley says:

    I am learning how to crazy quilt, so would like to do quilts for my daughters.

  22. Julienne Burns says:

    I would bead an embroidered evening bag.

  23. Jeannette Sroka says:

    I have been staring to do smaller wool hand embroidered projects that would look nice with some bead embellishments

  24. Ellee says:

    A tote bag is my first choice for bead embroidery — I like having an assortment of tote bags. While I have done a lot of embroidery, I haven’t tried bead embroidery yet. I figure a tote bag would be a good place to start.

  25. Handbags, tote bags, and all kinds of different bags!

  26. This looks very interesting!!!

  27. LLS says:

    I would love to embellish my dresses for dancing. My husband and I go ballroom dancing. D.G. L

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