The New Look of CME!

SmallCMELogo 300x95 The New Look of CME!

What do you think of the new CME logo? We’re shooting for fresh and modern, and it’s not only the logo that’s getting a face lift. Layouts, fonts and photography will all be revamped in the May/June issue for your new and improved reading experience.

Don’t forget–YOU can be a part of Creative Machine Embroidery. It’s as easy as shooting us an email at Send us your best machine embroidery tips and tricks– from tools you have lying around the house used in unexpected ways, to how you organize your designs or stabilizer stash. Share the knowledge!

While we at the offices love our jobs, we’re not here for our health, we’re here for YOU! And we want to know what you think.

Drop us a line, and have a great weekend!


Shoot 14091716805 150x150 The New Look of CME!

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2 Responses to The New Look of CME!

  1. Helen Medley says:

    I like the new logo. It is a bit more compact,so would look good on your shirts,or totes.
    Plus, it puts the emphasis on the word embroidery. That might make those of us who are not quite as Creative feel less intimidated! Who knows?

  2. csgo weapon says:

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