Fast Thanksgiving Embroidery Projects!

4 Quick Thanksgiving Embroidery Projects

Turkey Day is two days away! Greet guests or spoil a favorite hostess with these quick and fun embroidery projects.

Thanks1 200x300 Fast Thanksgiving Embroidery Projects!

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Hosting at your house? Embroider napkins with a thankful message and wow guests. Sew it All contributor Miranda Anderson shares her tips for painting napkins, but the same effect could be created using embroidery. Select a built in font (or purchase a new one just for the occasion) to spell out your thankfulness. Fold the napkins to hold silverware with the message facing up and show off the delightful finished product. Take a tip from Miranda’s book and use metallic thread for a warm finish.

Thanks2 Fast Thanksgiving Embroidery Projects!

Make a pot holder in no time at all!

Stitch up a quick and cute pot holder using this complete tutorial from Beth at Sew News.

Use the pot holder in your kitchen or take one along on Turkey Day to thank a hostess for her hard work.

Thanks3 Fast Thanksgiving Embroidery Projects!

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Insert image: Thanks3, caption: Photo Credit:  The free designs offered by Embroidery Library this year are incredibly lovely and include a swallow and several sunflower designs.

Thanks4 Fast Thanksgiving Embroidery Projects!

Add a cozy touch to a plain vase

Have an old sweater in the donate pile? Don’t send it away just yet! Use that sweater to make a beautiful vase cozy. The complete instructions for this project can be found in Sew it All vol. 4 or online here.

Thanks5 Fast Thanksgiving Embroidery Projects!

Cute Fox from the Forest Friends CME Collection

Add a design to the vase such as the friendly fox from the CME Forest Friends collection available at Be sure to use a water soluble topper when embroidering on a sweater! That way your design won’t sink into the knit.


Thanks6 Fast Thanksgiving Embroidery Projects!

Embroider a koozie!

Heading over to help cook early on Thursday? Why not embroider a cup koozie and deliver coffee to kick things off right? Use this complete tutorial from Ellen March to make the koozie posted on the Sew News blog last year. Add a favorite embroidery design, or if you’re one of many kitchen helpers embroider names onto the koozies for a personalized touch.

Now get to stitching! There’s not much time left before Thanksgiving. Be sure to share your creations on the CME Flickr group, we love to see what you stitch up!

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  1. Kathleen says:

    I enjoyed the tutorial on the potholder but did not find the free designs used.

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