Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways Day 12: Win an A&E Thread Pack!

Happy Friday! Kick off the long weekend right–by entering to win another prize!

But first–yesterday’s winner of the beautiful Pendleton wool is Faith K.! Congratulations Faith, check your email for instructions on how to receive your prize!

On season 8 of Sew it All TV, we bring you great guests, including Ashley Briggs, former Sew News, Sew it All and CME editor! Ashley demonstrates how to make a big duffle bag for all your overnight needs. She teaches you how to add 3 different zipper types, including a separating zipper and pockets, to keep your mentionables and unmentionables secured. Plus, use fun decorative thread to add pizzazz.

DSC 01761 Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways Day 12: Win an A&E Thread Pack!

As you may know, you get an exclusive sneak preview into Sew it All TV season 8 on beginning this Monday, September 1. Check out the full instructions and download the free patterns for Ashley’s project and more, so you’ll be ready when the shows starts airing on PBS at the end of September!

Don’t forget to check out all the other cool freebies we have on You get full instructions and free patterns for ALL past 7 seasons. That’s 84 episodes to inspire your creativity! Such as this episode from Kay Whitt, where you learn how to sew with sheer fabrics and lace, and make this stunning sparkly dress!

KayWhitt Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways Day 12: Win an A&E Thread Pack!Today’s prize is an Intressa thread pack from American & Efird! Intressa thread is a premium 40-wt. sewing thread. Soft, strong, UV resistant and colorfast, it’s used for fashion sewing, home-dec, serging, quilting and crafting. You can also use it on canvas, denim, vinyl, upholstery as well as quilting fabrics.

Who doesn’t need more thread, right? It’s almost as addicting to collect as fabric! Especially when it’s high-quality and beautiful!

anecot organic Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways Day 12: Win an A&E Thread Pack!

To enter to win this great prize, answer the following question in the comments section below: How much thread have you collected in your stash?

High-quality thread is not only imperative to sewing, but it’s a fun way to embellish projects as well. A line of decorative topstitching perfectly placed can be just the finishing touch you were looking for. Even all-purpose thread makes a great embellishment when topstitched using one of those fun built-in stitches.

Head over to the Sew News blog on Monday to hear the winner of today’s prize, plus enter to win the last prize of the giveaway! Remember–every day you enter, you’re also entered to win the Grand Prize, Sew it All season 7 on DVD!

Have a great weekend! Good luck and happy sewing!

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86 Responses to Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways Day 12: Win an A&E Thread Pack!

  1. Janet Walker says:

    I am fairly new to sewing so I only have about 5 spools but my mom has sewn all her life and she has tons and she quilts and can make anything so would love to win something, thanks

  2. Helen Foster says:

    I have 60 metro threads, luv the colors

  3. Sandra Haak says:

    I have alot of thread, I do alot of sewing, embroidery, serging, quilting, and needlepoint and hardanger. In all about 75 different wts and varieties.

  4. Becky Hill says:

    I have well over a hundred spools including embroidery thread. Oftin times I will be working on something and I find I have every color but what I need, so it’s a stop at the fabric shop on the way home from work to get that perfect color.

  5. Peggy A. says:

    I have a small bookcase with 20 baskets of threads but for some odd reason I don’t always have just what I need.

  6. Ernie Acuna says:

    I have about 60 spools and cones of thread. If I count the threads at work, I work for a theatre costuming company, I have 100′s.

  7. vicki says:

    More than 200. I am afraid to do an actual count because the next step would probably involve admitting that I have a problem.

  8. Susan H. says:

    I probably have 80 or so. Some for sewing and some for machine embroidery.

  9. Kathy Scoggins says:

    All together I have 11 drawers full of thread. I think there are about 300 spools give or take a few dozen. Different thread for different uses.

  10. Evelyn says:

    I’m pretty sure I have at least a hundred spools — a wide range of types of threads for assorted purposes.

  11. Karen Tremonti says:

    I have hundreds of different colors and styles of thread.

  12. Terri Halfman says:

    I have the wooden thread racks-three of the large size, full. Just purchased two more since I ran out of room!

  13. Lisa Spivey says:

    I have thread of basic colors but would love, love to win this!

  14. Diane Cissna says:

    I have hundreds…sewing, quilting, serger, embroidery, metallics….and it always seems that when I need to do something special, I don’t have the right color. You can never have too many threads!

  15. Connie snyder says:

    I have been collecting thread for many years. Every thing from embroidery thread to long arm thread. My favorite for long arming is Signature. For embroidery I have not found a favorite yet. Iam still trying different brands. Mostly what they sell in this area is Sulky. I would love to try your brand.
    Between all the difference kinds of threads I have I have probably about 150 to 200 spools from embroidery to sreger to longarm to standard sewing. Love sewing.

  16. Pamela Hale says:

    I have about 14 cones of serger thread given to me by a former sewer and about 20 regular spools of thread with a few varigated/specialty threads. I tend to buy basic colors and then whatever colors I need for the project I am making. I use pre-wound bobbins either black or white with just everyday type sewing.

  17. Carol Womack says:

    I’ve never thought of my thread collection as a stash, but have a lot. I don’t usually buy it when I buy fabric, so I guess I qualify as a “collector”!

  18. Laurie V says:

    Wow, great question! I haven’t counted lately, but with 10 or more OESD thread storage containers full, plus 4 for small spools, with extras and all my serger thread tucked in craft drawers, I probably have close to 1,000 spools of various types of thread. This includes embroidery thread, quilting thread , serger thread, regular sewing thread, metallic threads and specialty threads (candlelight, silk, and others for couching, specialty sewing etc.). You can never have enough different colors and types of thread!

  19. Mary Martin says:

    Trying to get up more embroidery threads and as I make a lot of our clothes, I always need to replenish my threads. For the woman who bought threads at the estate sale, put the thread in the freezer it does help stabilize the thread so it won’t break.

  20. Donella Petro says:

    How much thread: between serger, all purpose, embroidery, etc- about 350 spools

  21. Patricia Di Prospero says:

    You can never have enough thread!!! It seems that no matter how many colors you have you always dn’t seem to have exactly the right shade!!

  22. Sue says:

    I have a big bunch of thread because the nearest fabric store is over an hour’s drive for me. Running out of thread is NOT an option. I stock up when it goes on sale. I do have some of my grandmother’s vintage thread on wooden spools but it doesn’t sew anymore.

  23. Janie Steele says:

    Rarely the right color needed for appliqué

  24. Lorrie Henry says:

    I do not have a large amount of thread at this time. We live quite a ways from a fabric store so the opportunity to collect if kept to a minimum. At this time, with everything else and with a possible impending surgery to my foot, I can only afford Coats & Clark threads when they are on sale or with coupons. I need more thread tho!!!

  25. Deena Shepard says:

    I have 3 sewing boxes of “antique” thread that have been given to me by well meaning friends and I am looking for an opportunity to quietly dispose of them as most are not usable and wouldn’t dream of taking the chance on an expensive project. I have 3 boxes of thread more recently purchased and 1 box of serger cones. Love the blendables.

  26. kim says:

    I’m not sure how much threads I have. I haven’t counted. I have regular sewing threads, quilting threads (hand & machine), metallic threads, silk threads ( hand applique) and Sulky threads for my embroidery machine.
    Of course, threads are like potato chips- you can never have just one!!

  27. Stephanie Coulon says:

    Lots of beautiful colors. Have so many!

  28. Quite a few in my stash but ALWAYS room for more!!

  29. Tammy says:

    I have too much thread. That troubles me a lot. I can’t figure out which one to use most of the time.

  30. kbo says:

    My thread collection has amass an assortment of color. Confession – I have several places which keep the types in handy order. Spool thread caddies, think pink thread storage for when I got to workshops and need that “just right” color. I have a storage container just for my newest collecting assortment of variegated threads and another for my serger threads. Thread collecting is my weakness.

  31. Rosie says:

    I have way more thread than I will ever use.

  32. Janis Lamartiniere says:

    I am a newbie so I have very little thread collected. :(

  33. Laura Spurrier says:

    I have about 40 spools. Most of mine are Sulky. I just recently started embroidering and can’t get enough!

  34. Brenda Posey says:

    too much! but love it

  35. Helen E Young says:

    I have a multitude (I am sure over 400) spools/cones of threads for different effects and machines. Can anyone,( who truly sews, embroiders, and quilts), count the number of spools? It is addicting and I can’t pass up a good thread sale. I have a Babylock Destiny, Ovation, Sashiko, Grace; and a Janome Horizon. I am not a business. I sew for pleasure and to help others stay warm with my quilts. Never seem to have enough thread. I have bought Madeira, Robison Anton, Maxi-lock, Coats and Clark, Aero-fil to name a few, and several off brands. I would love to win your give-away. Happy thoughts and hugs to all

  36. Becky says:

    I love all the ideas for the holidays and can’t wait to try some.

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