Live Web Seminar with Nancy Eha – Sewing Beads On Fabric!

ehabotany23 Live Web Seminar with Nancy Eha   Sewing Beads On Fabric!

If you have ever wanted to expand you skills or learn how to use beading in your garments and quilts take a look at this great class from Craft U. Nancy Eha who has over 20 years experience teaching beading will be the instructor and guide you in learning all the possibilities of beading in your garments, crafts and quilts.

This is a great course if you have little to no fabric beading experience and want to learn the basics. It’s perfect for quilters who want to add embellishments to the quilts as well as garment sewers.

Look at some of the beautiful work.

Nancy Eha Elevated Beading3 Live Web Seminar with Nancy Eha   Sewing Beads On Fabric! Nancy Eha Beaded Crazy Quilt5 Live Web Seminar with Nancy Eha   Sewing Beads On Fabric! Here is a run down of what you’ll learn in this beading class.

Lesson 1: Beading Skills for Professional Looking Results

  • Top tips for beading needles, thread, and beads
  • Controlling beads to lay flat on fabric
  • How to make the beaded back stitch
  • Making paper beading patterns
  • Several beaded vine options

Lesson 2: Beaded Vines and Stamen

  • How to make the beaded feather stitch
  • Construct beaded vines with the feather stitch
  • Consider uses for free form feather stitch
  • How to make the beaded stop stitch
  • Discover options for creating beaded stamen

Lesson 3: Beaded Petals and Leaves

  • How to make a lazy daisy stitch with beads
  • Explore rounded and pointed tip beaded petals
  • Learn eight styles of beaded petals
  • Consider using petal shapes for leaves
  • Add petals to the stamen from Lesson 2

Lesson 4: Beaded Grapes, Wisteria, and Berries

  • How to make the beaded raised satin stitch
  • Learn to make grape clusters
  • Make life-like wisteria
  • Realistic raspberry and blackberry

Be sure to check out the website for supplies list. The course is 49.99. The class has started but there is still time to enroll!

Happy Learning!

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