Quilters Need To Know Webinar

webinar Quilaters need4 Quilters Need To Know Webinar

Diane Tomlinson on May 29th will walk you through an hour of tips and techniques that will not only save you time, but also improve on your quilting skills.

Here is what you’ll learn with Diane Tomlinson’s Quilters Need To Know webinar:

  • How to figure the finished size of the quilt you want to make.
  • How to calculate yardage for your quilt.
  • How to figure the diagonal measurements of standard blocks.
  • How to figure and cut diagonal setting pieces for diagonal-set quilts.
  • Ruler to decimal conversions
  • The math of an eight-pointed star and how to size it.
  • Quick cutting guidelines for patchwork pieces
  • Step by step instructions on how to make and apply regular binding & make bias  binding from a square of fabric.

Who should attend?

  • Beginners and experienced quilters
  • Quilt class teachers
  • Shop owners
  • Editors and designers writing patterns

Can’t make the live event? Don’t worry! Your registration comes with access to the archived version of the program and the materials for one year. You do not have to attend the live event to get a recording of the presentation. You will receive a copy of the recorded presentation in an email that goes out within 1 week after the live event.

Diane Tomlinson is Associate Editor at Fons & Porter. She loves her job meeting and working with the designers who provide all of the beautiful quilts readers enjoy in every issue of Fons & Porter magazines.  She is a fourth generation sewer and quilter, designer, and art enthusiast.  For Diane, it’s all about the design, color, and making! She enjoys teaching and encouraging quilters to learn new skills and enabling them to design and create their own treasures to hand down to future generations.

Cost: 19.99 for an hour of professional quilting instruction.

Join now!

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