Super Sweet & FREE Baby Embroidery Design from Sealed with a Stitch!

Springtime always seems to bring lots of new babies and baby showers. We even have some exciting new additions to the CME family lately, with Associate Editor Nicki welcoming a little girl in March, and Editor-in-Chief Ellen getting ready for twins in a few months! It’s so special to be able to present new parents with a handmade gift for their little one, and today Sue O’Very from Sealed with a Stitch is making that extra easy by providing this super cute and FREE Enchanted Baby embroidery design! The design features adorable baby items drying on a clothesline held by sweet little birdies:

D38 Enchanted Baby CME SWAS 900 300x218 Super Sweet & FREE Baby Embroidery Design from Sealed with a Stitch!

This cute design would look fantastic on a bib, onesie, baby quilt and much more. Plus, the design comes in three different sizes, so it’s very versatile! To download the free Enchanted Baby design, just click here, and then save the designs to your computer. Transfer the correct design file extensions (designated by your machine brand) to your embroidery machine using a usb drive or the cord that was provided with your embroidery machine. And then, most importantly, have fun embroidering the Enchanted Baby design on the project of your choosing!

Thanks so much to Sealed with a Stitch! Be sure to check out for dozens more designs, patterns, instructional DVDs and more!

What will you be embroidering the Enchanted Baby design on? Share your answer in the comments section below!

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6 Responses to Super Sweet & FREE Baby Embroidery Design from Sealed with a Stitch!

  1. Laura Kerr says:

    I’m thinking it would look pretty on the baby blankets I make for newborns – right above their name?

  2. DonnaN says:

    A receiving blanket that I just started! Thanks.

  3. MaryMartha Rose says:

    Burp cloth or baby laundry bag

  4. Ingrid says:

    Cute design, many thanks – I think a sheet set!

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