Free Lettering Design & Giveaway featuring Lunchbox Quilts!

In the latest issue of Creative Machine Embroidery Angie Steveson courtesy of Lunch Box Quilts,  has a super fun and easy project for the cat lover.

meow 500 Free Lettering Design & Giveaway featuring Lunchbox Quilts!Read Kibble Catcher in the latest issue and you’ll find all the how-tos to make a cute place mat for the family cat AND, you can download the ‘Meow Chow’ lettering for FREE! 

We love Lunch Box Quilts, they always have the most adorable designs and kits. Up for Wednesday Giveaway is the Lunch Box Quilts ‘Cat’s Meow’ Quilt Kit.

productimage picture cats meow 358 jpg 400x600 q85 Free Lettering Design & Giveaway featuring Lunchbox Quilts!The kit includes quilt pattern and applique designs for embroidery machines for the following formats: .ART, .DST, .EXP, .HUR, .JEF, .PCS, .PES, .SEW, .SHV, .VIP, VP3.

Question of the week: Tell me a funny cat story, or what was the name of your favorite cat (or dog).

One winner will be picked next week!

And, the winner from last week’s giveaway is: Carol A! I will be in touch with you shortly on how to get your prize of You Can Quilt It!


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22 Responses to Free Lettering Design & Giveaway featuring Lunchbox Quilts!

  1. Katie says:

    We had a cat named Buffy (short for Buffalo) when we were little. He would just sit there while you pulled him across the room by the tail! Poor creature! He was the best. :)

  2. Martha Guy says:

    I just finished the Cat Meow quilt and just love this pattern. The pattern was so easy and I love all the bright colors.I can’t wait until the dog pattern comes out next month.

  3. Lisa Brown says:

    My favorite cat’s name was Algernon. He was a Himalayan who thought he was king of the house. An unusual name for an unusual cat.

  4. Laura Kerr says:

    I currently have 2 cats named Tux and Mini. They are both males and so ferocious that we have baby birds in a nest in our front yard, where both cats eat and spent much of the day being lazy! Our funny cat story is that Mini was originally named Minnie because he was suppose to be a girl. We wanted a little girl because Tux would be more receptive of a girl than another boy cat. He was 7 weeks old when we got him. As (s)he grew, the playing games with Tux and chasing the kids were more aggressive than I remember my last little girl kitten being. Sure enough, we went to the vet at 5 months to have Mini fixed. However, we can’t change the name because I have a 2 yr old boy who already knew the kitten as Mini, so we just changed the spelling. The really funny part is that the father of the family we got him from is a local Ag teacher. We told him he needs a few refresher courses.

  5. Deb E says:

    We don’t have cats anymore, except for the stray farm cat that likes our garbage cans, especially when the lid is left off. We do, however, have a cute snuggly schnauzer dog, Gus. Loves to cuddle & pick up the scraps left on the floor when the grandchildren visit.

  6. collette mcmanus says:

    I left my slider open when I went to get my hummingbirdfeeder to refill it. When I came back outside to hang it up, my 15 pound ragdoll, Doris, was walking along the balcony ledge…even on the outside of the 4×4 support railing. Oh, I live in a 3rd floor condo! This happened twice! Needless to say, I never leave the slider open anymore.

  7. Pat Smith says:

    When I was young we had a cat aptly and creatively named Boots because he was a tuxedo cat with white mitts. My father had homing pigeons and the main condition of Boots taking up residence with us was that he not bother the birds. One day my father found him cringing in the coop- he’d entered through the bird door which allowed entry but not exit. Dad made sure the pigeons had a chance to “correct” him with a few pecks before he rescued poor Boots. From that time on he would lay in the yard and watch them but he never did go near them again! He even set up a loud howl when a neighbor cat showed interest in the birds. He was a great cat.

  8. Elly G says:

    We had a cat once names Swiss Army Kitty, or Swiss for short. We brought her to our home in Texas all the way from Minnesota where we had been visiting relatives. The funny thing about her is that her hind legs ran faster than her front legs so after running a matter of feet she would begin to run sideways and eventually flip over herself.

  9. Pat Brown says:

    Our cat’s name was Troubles. She was constantly going after our bird and/or fish.

  10. Carole R says:

    I’ve had (an loved) dogs throughout my life. One of my favorites was Blackie – a mix of ?? What a love for a tween in a new place. I’d throw water at her and she would do the most fantastic flips. What a thrill.

  11. Susan Novak says:

    Our kittens are almost a year old now and we named one Mini and the other Purrl.
    After Minnie Pearl :)

  12. Sarah says:

    My favorite cat’s name was Shadow, so named because the kitten had identical shapes in black and white mirror images on her face. Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. sheree la plante says:

    Favorite cat is Seamus. He likes to tell us when it is time to turn in every night. He sits by my feet nudging me until I head to the bedroom. He will wait for me to get in the bed, jumps up and makes a big production walking over to my side of the bed and lays on down by my side. He blocks me from leaving the bed. If I start moving around to change positions he will put his paws on me to tell me to be still. (I know because that paw will not move until I have been still for several minutes.)

  14. LeAnne L says:

    We had a half-wild cat and one day she showed up with two kittens. We were in the middle of remodeling and one of the kittens fell in between the wall studs and landed on the first floor behind the washing machine. We had to tear a hole in the wall to get him out. He was absolutely fine.

  15. Carol K. says:

    Where should I begin to tell of our “little white one” (this is really her name). She was the smallest of her litter and by far the most playful and mischievous. I declared her to be far to small for the mean outside world for cats and she became a permanent inside pet. How she loves to do anything she knows she is not allowed to do. She started to enjoy running onto the back of the couch and scratching the wallpaper. when she discovered she was not allowed to do that she would wait till my husband and I would be seated in the room than come running in about 1,000 miles an hour, jump to the back of the couch quickly make a scratch than dash away just as fast. I could write a book about this little cat. Sometimes it’s like having a little two year old living in the house with us!!! She is now three and still makes us laugh with her antics.

  16. Cindy Cooke says:

    Our cat was rescued, and although neutered, he learned to open the locked door when he wanted to go outside at night. I missed him one night, and he was gone for a couple of days. We looked everywhere for him, and finally decided that he’d found a home he liked better that ours. I was heartsick. Imagine my surprise when I was awakened at 4 in the morning a week later by little licks and whimpers on my outstretched hand. I still don’t know how he managed to get back into our locked house, but I put him in the basement for the rest of the night. When we got up the next morning, he was gone, and I never saw him again. The little ‘goodbye’ meant a lot to me, though.

  17. Winnie Register says:

    When my son was about 16 years old, we had a big, gray and white, mixed breed cat named Butch.
    My son was working on his truck, with the hood up and Butch sitting on the fender watching him. Occasionally we would have a big, black chow dog wonder through the yard. He was not friendly. The dog came through the back yard next to the truck, and Butch jumped onto the dogs back, clawing and spraying him. The dog went running away with the cat riding on his back still clawing and hissing. This was a sight to see.
    The dog did not come back. Our Vet said the cat was protecting my son!

  18. Donna G. says:

    My favorite cat is Gizmo, my daughter’s cat. He’s very independent, yet loves nothing more than to be scratched behind the ears! He’s also a bit of a ham who likes his picture taken. The Meow Chow mat is darling!

  19. Linda Seemann-Korte says:

    Snuggles was the name of my favorite cat! He was a stuffed animal I had as a child! My constant companion and confident!

  20. SewCalGal says:

    After our first year of marriage, as we value “planned parenthood”, we went to the local Humane Society to adopt our first four legged child. Mangoman was a wonderful member, but later that year we concluded he needed a sibling. Yet we didn’t want to go thru another kittenhood and wanted an older cat. We went back to the Humane Society and found an older female cat. When we asked why someone would have turned in such a beautiful cat, thinking she must have a bad habit, they pulled her card and the story went that the lady turned this cat (Cindy) into the shelter because she stole jewelry! We chuckled thinking that she must have a bad habit that the owner didn’t want to disclose, but we adopted her anyway. We loved her for 14 years. And, almost every evening she would “meow” and bring us a piece of jewelry as a gift. We’d warn friends that stayed over we’d not be liable for lost diamond rings. She was a wonderful cat, as was Mangoman. But Cindy really did love jewelry. Sadly, bot cats are now in kitty heaven and we miss them very much.


  21. Colette W says:

    Several years ago a very thin and bedraggled looking gray cat arrived on our door step. We gave it some food and searched our rural neighborhood and newspaper for information that someone might be missing this cat. We took the cat to our vet to ensure all it needed was attention and feeding to bring it back to health. Our vet declared it to be a “spayed female” and we named her Bella. She grew healthy, gained weight and developed a beautiful shiny coat. She became an important part of our family. A job change required us to move out of state and in our new home we found a new vet. At Bella’s first visit, our new vet declared Bella to be a neutered male with the appropriate anatomy to prove it. I was speechless…..I had never had reason to doubt the early declaration by the first vet nor do a close examination of my own to determine otherwise. Needless to say, Bella became Beau….and HE is still a wonderful member of our family. :-)

  22. Lana says:

    I grew up with cats & currently have 3 who are like my children. One is 18 yrs old & she wakes me when my blood sugar crashes (I’m a type 1 diabetic). She tells us when something is wrong–light left in, door left unlocked, her sisters getting in trouble, etc. she’s my angel w a fur coat!

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