Wednesday Giveaway – Enter to win a fabulous prize!

garden applique Wednesday Giveaway   Enter to win a fabulous prize!We thought spring was here and then a big snowstorm blanketed the city. So much for spring. In light of the big snowstorm a spring inspired giveaway is a must. Up for Wednesday Giveaway is the book My Enchanted Garden: Appliqué Quilts in Cotton and Wool by Gretchen Gibbons. The book has beautiful designs and several projects that will get you through spring and summer!

To enter today’s giveaway answer the following question in the comments section below:

What is your favorite fabric to appliqué? Do you like using wool or cotton or both? Do you appliqué quilts or garments? What is your favorite motif?

Answer below and we’ll pick a winner next Wednesday Giveaway!

And, for last week’s winner it is Fatima! You will be receiving an email shortly on instructions to receive your prize, be sure to check your SPAM folders.

garden 2 Wednesday Giveaway   Enter to win a fabulous prize!

Image from My Enchanted Garden by Gretchen Gibbons


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49 Responses to Wednesday Giveaway – Enter to win a fabulous prize!

  1. Brenda Melahn says:

    I’ve never had the nerve to try wool, but love the way it looks. I primarily applique cotton to clothing for kids and have done two or three quilts. I absolutely love the ability to take something you could never design and sew it on something plain. Thanks for chance to win!!

  2. Mary Birenbaum says:

    This really appeals to me.

  3. Hi – What is your favorite fabric to appliqué? Cotton Do you like using wool or cotton or both? I have not tried wool but would like to. Do you appliqué quilts or garments? Quilting projects. What is your favorite motif? I am about to design some birds & flowers, my favorites.
    Thank you.

  4. Leesa Hunter says:

    I usually use cotton, but have used silk, minkie, wool felt etc, when going for something with a texture, usually as a very small part of the applique, never as a large section. Especially on a childs quilt or a wall hanging.

  5. Lois Koos says:

    I use mostly cottons when I applique, but recently have been working more with wools as I have been working on some quilted wall hangings for my new apartment. I love the rustic charm the wools add to my quilting. As for my favorite motifs, I really do not have anything specific, but I have always loved floral motifs, so most of my quilting revolve around them.

  6. Deb E says:

    I haven’t used wool, but really like using cotton. Just learning to applique and having loads of fun.

  7. Joyce says:

    I have never tried to applique with wool either. I did take a class on applique and we used cotton, we made a scarecrow wall hanging for the fall and it turn out really cute.

  8. Jane A McCreery says:

    I like using cotton and use it on quilts.

  9. Liz Teaff says:

    I have never used wool felt other than making ornaments. I do like the look just never tried it. I have only done regular applique shapes but am willing to give it a go. Never know until you try.

  10. Linda N says:

    Flowers and Birds! The wool is beautiful, I think I will try it.

  11. Kathy Stoessner says:

    I am finding my favorite applique fabric is wool. Able to hide mistakes easily. My favorite motifs are animals. I just love the cuddly look.

  12. Sandi Hamill says:

    I am new to all this I just started my first Quilt at 71 year of age. We’ll see what happens. My grandmother made a quilt with wool and velvet, I wish I would have taken it with me when I got married..I think I would like to try wool. I like flowers, birds and all things that gets my creativity going. I have done some appliqués for my twin grand babies.

  13. kbo says:

    I applique with cottons and enjoy creating art quilts.

  14. lynda nuttall says:

    love these designes

  15. Diana Cleary says:

    I can remember learning appliqué by hand (turning edge under with needle) using material from clothes in the ‘reuse’ bag. As I’m older with arthritis, love the newer techniques that are easier for me now. Learned to appliqué cotton and wool. Just finished a ‘family tree’ with wool appliqué topped with a decorative and blanket stitches. Use mostly cotton for grandkids’ clothing appliqués. Occasionally use different materials to have more texture to finished project.

  16. Sharon Phagan says:

    I cant be around to much wool but there are some really nice flannels out there that can to used. The book looks interesting

  17. Pamella George says:

    Never used felt or wool. I use cotton on baby quilts for grandchildren.

  18. Sandy Henke says:

    I like to do wool applique either for quilts or for table runners.

  19. nancy danko says:

    usually work with cotton applique for quilts wall hangings

  20. Enis says:

    I need to be more adventuresome, I’m usually use cottons, but I love the look of wool. My favorite designs to applique and cats and bunnies. Soooo cute!

  21. Grace Burke says:

    I like to use 100% cotton flannel it is so forgiving, conceals all my mistakes.

  22. LISA M. says:

    I love to applique quilts using cotton fabric. I love to applique flowers, leaves and vases or baskets.

  23. I work/applique with 100% cotton but I do like to sometimes embellish with embroidery and beading

  24. freney says:

    I enjoy using both and applique on garments using lighthouse pictures.

  25. Lyn V says:

    I pick the fabric based on the design outcome. I like batiks to get color variation. I love the applique I did with a felted wool. Lately I have been doing machine embroidery applique techniques. Tried a reverse applique on a t-shirt (in a class–which is a significant statement for what followed). Went well, and as I held it up to show the class my lovely “large” flower, I found I embroidered it on the lower right backside of the tee, rather than on the front where I planned. So, coming or going, I love fabric and applique!

  26. Carol Adams says:

    I never use wool as I am allergic to it. Have only recently tried applique and really love how it turned out on a wall hanging.

  27. Carol K E says:

    I love the look and feel of wool. I have used mostly cotton for kids applique and leaves on a table runner. Oh yeah, and the miles of button hole stitch on a church banner.

  28. Tricia Hudson says:

    I like to appliqué using cottons, I mainly appliqué letters on banners and bunting, but branching out to cushions etc.

  29. Kathy E. says:

    I really like to appliqué on cotton, but wool is nice too. I prefer to appliqué on garments, mostly children’s pieces and my favorite motif is baby animals! I would love to win this!

  30. Odette says:

    I use mostly cotton, but will use anything that will give the look I want… :-)

  31. Lillian Dalton says:

    I really like to applique using batiks. You can get many variations of the colour from one piece of fabric. Favourite motif is flowers. I do make table runners, wall hangings and quilt tops, using machine embroidery. This book looks fascinating.

  32. Roberta says:

    I like to try new ideas in quilting, this would be new to me.

  33. Janine says:

    I mostly needle turn applique cotton, usually on quilts. I have appliqued a few garments with a variety of fabrics on my embroidery machine.

  34. Mary Mac says:

    I applique on cotton fabric because I am new to it and have started a few hoop projects. This has been alot of fun.

  35. Charlotte Trabue says:

    I like wool, you don’t have to turn the edge under, but I like cotton also. I use mostly cotton.

  36. Machine appliqué on both cotton and wool. T, I just learned hand appliqué and I’m really liking it!

  37. Cindy says:

    I like to appliqué both wool and cotton They both have their own appeal. I mostly appliqué on quilts but have been known. To apply an appliqué on clothing. I love a lot of motifs. Hard to pick a favorite.

  38. Laura K says:

    I’ve only done a few appliques – 6×26 + 2. I’ve creates 6 ABC baby quilts using cotton on cotton. I just recently tried cotton on baby flannel using a machine. I think I could learn to like the machine applique but I really like the look of my hand appliquéd alphabet letters.

  39. Myrna Goddard says:

    I currently use cotton to applique however I bought one of those machines (still in the box) that turns wool fuzzy. Retiring in 16 days and it is going to come out of the box and help me with an applique project that is waiting for me. I am really excited about finally getting to work on wool. I do use small wool pieces to make purses for dolls and I really enjoy the texture and durability of the fabric.

  40. Kris says:

    I use cotton and applique on quilts.

  41. venita abel says:

    I usually applique with cotton. Have even won a couple of minor awards. I purchased a wool applique kit several years ago but I think wool applique looks best hand appliqued and I haven’t taken time to work on it. Most of my work now a days is on quilts. I really have no favorite motif. Thank you.

  42. Debra Tyson says:

    I applique with cotton ,and do mostly wall hangings and table runners my favorite motif is primitive and folk art

  43. I have to say my most favorite is cotton. I have tried wool and it turned out awesome…

  44. Linda says:

    Gorgeous designs. So versatile!

  45. Linda says:

    These appliques can be used in traditional, primitive, and contemporary decors

  46. Deborah Ledbeter says:

    I like to applique on satin/cotton with batting in between to give it a puffy look. It makes a beautiful applique that can be sewn on to many items such as clothing, quilts, etc.

  47. Rita says:

    Love working with wool. These are wonderful appliques .

  48. Brenda Shelton says:

    I love to use cotton fabrics and don’t really have a favorite motif. I love to applique anything that suits what I am doing and who it is for! I mainly applique on quilts. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this contest! Pick me, Pick me!

  49. Melissa Salsgivefr says:

    I’m new to machine embroidery so most of my stitching has been on cotton. I did some things on wool and liked the results. FSL looks like fun but I need to get my nerve up to try. For now, its mainly cotton.

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