Tips For Embossed Embroidery Projects

Learn how easy it is to create the embossing effect on fabrics with your embroidery machine. Follow these easy tips to create subtle designs on your next project.

Embroidery machine 700 Tips For Embossed Embroidery Projects


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Types of fabrics best for the embossing effect.

  1. Thick terry cloths
  2. Choose fleece that is smooth and/or heavyweight
  3. Sweatshirt fleece
  4. heavyweight velvets
  5. faux fur

Embossed embroidery designs need the fluffy nap to create the ‘puffed’ look. Terry cloth with thick closely spaced loops are ideal. Fleece is good for the embossing effects as well. Faux fur can be embossed too. Choose low- to-medium pile fabric. High pile fur will interfere with the presser foot. Faux fur that is too long won’t puff up.

To create the embossing effect you will need a topper, a layer of stabilizer. Using a stabilizer either temporary or permanent will keep the loops under the embroidery stitches.

Use designs that have stitches only in negative space – the background. Don’t cover the entire project with flattening stitches.

The threads that consistently work best are semi-gloss or matte. These are preferable to high shiny threads. Polyester works best and holds up to repeated washings and blends in to the background of cotton terry cloth. If the wrong side will be visible sue matching embroidery thread in the bobbin and needle.

Stabilizers should be chosen based on the project and fabric used. Most projects for embossing are used on towels. A water-soluble stabilizer that washes out is a good choice. Using a mesh water-soluble stabilizer over a film will decrease the amount of stretch during embroidery.

Light weight tear-away stabilizers are good for embossing designs too. Best when used if the wrong side is not visible, however the excess stabilizer can be removed easily due to the flattened negative space.

Use adhesive stabilizer to avoid hooping the napped fabric. Or baste the fabric by machine to a piece of hooped non-adhesive stabilizer.

Embossing effects will add another dimension to your embroidery skills.


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