Wednesday Giveaway: Win an Embroidery Thread Pack

Welcome to another Wednesday Giveaway! To help you get through the week, today we’re giving away a Madeira Potpourri embroidery thread pack.

ptpk10 w315 300x300 Wednesday Giveaway: Win an Embroidery Thread Pack


Get twenty 220 yard Polyneon spools for FREE! That’s 40,000 stitches per spool of top quality quilting and embroidery thread. The silky finish of this strong, colorfast 100% polyester thread adds brilliance and reduces breakage.

Use this free thread to stitch some free designs! Check out for a host of great free designs from the current issue, such as the adorable pie, lion and in-the-hoop pocket below! These designs are only free for a limited time, so get them now! Then check out for many more exclusive CME collection designs to purchase.bibs 300x200 Wednesday Giveaway: Win an Embroidery Thread Pack

pocketembroidery 272x300 Wednesday Giveaway: Win an Embroidery Thread Pack

Download this free in-the-hoop pocket design!

All you have to do to enter to win this great thread pack is answer the following question in the comments section below: “How much thread do you have in your stash?”

Be honest. Dozens of spools? Hundreds? Lucky ladies! How do you organize it all? Just remember, once a thread spool gets old, it begins to deteriorate and may cause stitchout problems, so toss it out.

One lucky winner will be contacted via email! Good luck!

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119 Responses to Wednesday Giveaway: Win an Embroidery Thread Pack

  1. Pam S says:

    I just counted – I have 48 spools. And lots of empties too. I have no idea what I’m saving them for though! Thanks for this awesome giveaway. The thread is lovely.

  2. Ellee says:

    I have about 20 regular thread, 30 embroidery thread, and 24 serger thread — I’m practically threadbare compared to most others.

  3. Angela Purdy says:

    I’m a beginner and have only baught few colors I’ve used in my first few designs… and only have about 20 spools. I’m always on the lookout for shallow boxes to store my growing collection. I can see them multiplying very quickly.

  4. Mary says:

    I have about 15 spools of thread.
    Just got a Babylock Ellure
    would love to have more.

  5. Orvalee says:

    I’m just getting started in machine embroidery so my stash is small. I have approximately 50 spools. Right now I have a spool holder that holds 30 then the rest are in clear plastic containers.

  6. Deb W says:

    Can you ever have enough or too many??

  7. Sharon Grogan says:

    At times it feels like TOO many but never enough!! If you count Embroidery, sewing and serger threads I’d say it is a couple of hundred.

  8. Cee Dee says:

    I receive a gift box this Christmas for my new Pfaff. They were basics color but only those 12. I am keeping a look out for a good 50% off sale.

  9. I really don’t have that much! Maybe 10 spools? I’m a newbie so I’m just building my stash :)

  10. Monica says:

    I have probably close to 100. Just starting to get into the embroidery scene so I don’t have that many built up.

  11. Terri Beck says:

    I have the entire set from Metro Thread 5000 yd somewhere around 250. but have had them about three years and have had to reorder some colors.

  12. Mary Jane Hendrickson says:

    I stopped counting at 500 – but I do machine embroidery so that’s my excuse.

  13. Cindy Conner says:

    I have one of those at-home spool rack of Gutterman poly all purpose – holds about 100 small spools. I have a double sided thread plastic bin holds 48 classic rayon 40 weight Madeira. I have a plastic bin that holds 30 spools go is accord 40 weight. I have another plastic bin that has 15 spools of RA rayon, 9 large spools Madeira poly, 21 small spools Mettler poly, 1 spool sulky silver metalic, a plastic box of serger maxi lock – about 50 spools. A drawer of sewing thread – silk, poly, cotton – about 65 – various sizes. Lots of old spools of thread on wooden spools that belonged to my aunt. Guess I had better quit looking or I may be writing a story about “The day is the Spools”. Thank you for your give away. Very nice of you.

  14. claire prescott says:

    I have at least thirty spools and could use more

  15. Carol S says:

    Hundreds. Too many to count. :-)

  16. Debbie says:

    I am new to machine embroidery and just wondering how much thread to “stash”! Everytime I start a new pattern it seems that don’t have the right color on hand. I’m not good at organization, so I need to develop a system for my thread!!!

  17. Christeena Johnson says:

    I just started machine embroidery 4 weeks ago. I have 15 spools of polyester thread, 5 of rayon and one glow in the dark polyester spool because my 4 yr old grandson was with me that day and said I had to have glow in the dark thread for him!

  18. Linda Kirsch says:

    Just getting started in machine embroidery. Only have a started set of threads. Would sooo love to have these!

  19. Ruthmarie Apker says:

    Well never enough, but with serger, regular sewing, and embroidery thread, I would say about 150 spools.

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