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bead book 500w Wednesday Giveaway    Enter to Win A Free PrizeMiddle of the week means it’s Wednesday Giveaway!

If you would like to give your embroidery projects a splash of color and shine the book Bead Embroidery will be a perfect addition in your library. Written by Yasuko Endo and the CRK Design company the book offers beautiful ways in which you can embellish your  embroidery projects with bead embroidery. With just simple beads and thread  you can set your embroidery projects apart with fine details and stunning beauty.

This book has over 100 different designs that will give the beginner easy challenges as well as give the more advanced embroiderist lovely and complex patterns to work on. There are step-by-step instructions that will guide you in your embellishing.

Answer the question in the comments section below to be entered to win today’s FREE prize.

Have you ever done bead embroidery? Do you use bead embroidery in your machine embroidery projects? How do you work with beading and embroidery? Do you use a light with a magnifier on it? What are some tips you would give to someone new to bead embroidery?

And, the winner from our totally silly February 5th Wednesday Giveaway is….Becky T!

She said about veggies and fruit -

I can’t really decide what my favorite fruit/vegetable would be. I love them all!! I guess I do have a least favorite and that is cauliflower. It’s just so plain to me. I have to smother it in ranch and that’s deleting the purpose of healthy. This designs are too cute!

I will be in touch with you shortly Becky!

Thanks everyone!



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37 Responses to Wednesday Giveaway – Enter to Win A Free Prize

  1. I have only used larger beads, such as 3mm beads, in my embroidery. How interesting this looks. I am imagining it accompanying the crewel-like results I get with the yarn foot. OMG!!!! I gotta have this book! My tip to someone new is, if you can buy a lot of cheap beads you don’t care about and practice your free-motion skills before you ever come near your real project. I know my first attempts were disasters until I got the hang of it.

  2. Marilyn S says:

    I’ve added a few beads here and there to a handful of projects. I would love to get my hands on the book and maybe do some more! Thanks!!

  3. Kim Sheldon says:

    I have not tried to add beads to my embroidery, yet. This is a technique I would love to learn though because I believe it would add depth and elegance to the embroidery I plan on doing soon for belly dance outfit pieces. I think as a beginner I would try to start with maybe some smaller projects like pillows or simple belts. I would be excited to be able to get this book to learn how!

  4. Rhonda Whitt says:

    I have never done any bead work. Does look very pretty.

  5. kbo says:

    I have never thought of adding beads to my machine embroidery, now I have to look at designs to again and see how to embellish them with bead work. I do run Nymo thread over beeswax to help it from shredding, I don’t know if it’s overkill but my thread don’t shred!

  6. Kathy Stoessner says:

    I had signed up for a class to learn these techniques but it was cancelled due to lack of interest. I was interested…

  7. Janet Uyeno says:

    Never used this technique.

  8. Bonnie Hickman says:

    I am new at this and have purchased a foot to use for beading with my machine but am not sure what to do with it yet. I guess I need to get busy reading the info…:]

  9. Sharon M says:

    Back in the day, before I ever imagined machine embroidery, I did add beads to embroider work. Always liked the effect. Haven’t added beads to accent machine embroidery but I think this article has made me interested in doing just that.

    Magnifying lamp works wonders for me.

  10. Mary Mac says:

    I love doing bead embroidery and yes I use magnifying glasses now!! to work with seed beads.

  11. Nancy Glisson says:

    I think this looks like an amazing technique to try. I’ll have to get new glasses first.

  12. brenda kellogg says:

    Have not tried it, but very interested to learn how!

  13. Gail Hester says:

    I haven’t tried machine embroidery, but would love to. I used to make competition figure skating dresses and I sewed all the beads on by hand. I have tons of leftover beads that are just waiting for a project.

  14. Carol K E says:

    I have hand sewed beads on prom and wedding dresses for our daughters. I would love to try it on the machine.

  15. Karla Tschida says:

    This is gorgeous! I use beads when machine knitting–I’d love to learn this embroidery technique .

  16. sue says:

    I have not tried using beads on sewn projects, but surely imagine it to be a great embellishment!

  17. Nancy Kessler says:

    I have not used beads in machine embroidery, but I’ll try anything once. When we hand sewed beads onto lace for a wedding dress, the bride wanted each section to be identical until she sewed a couple! Then we just sewed them randomly.

  18. Ken says:

    what? You can do it with beads. I’m going to have to get some…

  19. Sherrie Lilly says:

    I have not done bead embroidery with machine embroidery. I did bead embroidery on my niece’s prom dress about 15 years ago. Her mother made the dress and I decorated the bodice.

  20. Patty Fiske says:

    I have never done beads with my machine embroidery. But bling is good….

  21. DonnaN says:

    The only beading I remember doing was my wedding dress that I designed and an Indian costume for my daughter.

  22. Sharon Garbett says:

    I have done bead embroidery both by hand and by machine (with feed dogs dropped). It was many years ago and I’m really rusty.

    I would like to get up-to-speed again on bead embroidery.

  23. Cynthia Pitts says:

    I have never tried bead embroidery but am up to any new challenges.

  24. Ellen says:

    I have done beaded embroidery. Not much with machine embroidery, but usually with cross stitch patterns. I think it is something I will have to try. I keep the beads separated by colors in a divided container, so it is easy to get the ones I want.

  25. Karen Poole says:

    I have not used beads in my embroidery yet although I have recently purchased a few booked on beadwork and embroidery so that I can try it!! I have used bead on projects before but I had never heard of bead embroidery until recently! It looks easier then regular beading and the results look really nice! I have also used beads in crochet work.

  26. Marilyn Koestler says:

    I have only done bead work in a class situation. It would be FUN and HELPFUL to have a book at my side to do more.

  27. Beadwork is big where I’m from. My mother taught school in a small town with a majority Native American population. She had the women from the community to come in to her elementary classroom to teach beadwork to the school children, so she learned herself. She made many beautiful pieces such as necklaces, bracelets, and a even a watch band over the years, which I still have. Beading takes time, but it certainly makes lovely keepsakes or heirlooms for someone special.

  28. freney says:

    I enjoy machine embroidery especially the free standing lace.

  29. Becki Fisher says:

    I have never tried it, but would love to learn

  30. margaret says:

    I’ve never worked with bead and embroidery. Interesting

  31. Cindy says:

    No, I haven’t incorporated beading into my embroidery, however I am a wanna-be beader. I’ve been collecting beads w/the idea of putting them into sewing and embroidery projects for several years, but have no experience doing so, nor do I know anyone personally, who does this type of embellishment, so I would love to be the winner of this book. Thanks for the chance to try winning it.

  32. Brenda Payne says:

    I’ve used beads purchased as a sew in trim with my embroidery/sewing projects. But I’d love to learn how to use beading in my embroidery. I have a good supply of beads on hand given to me by a non sewing friend. They were her Mom’s. I want to be able to use them but need help.

  33. Myrna Goddard says:

    I am probably to late for this week but I haven’t done any bead work. I did take a couple classes at ASG meetings and could see where I could use some of her work on the doll clothes I make but haven’t gotten there yet. I really like the designs shown in this sample.

  34. Esther Hopland says:

    I have not done it but will like to try it

  35. Janice says:

    I would love to try embellishing with beads but don’t know where to start! I saw a beautiful quilt yesterday with lots of beads and they really added to the quilt .

  36. KathyL says:

    I would love to learn and this may be the start! Pick me!

  37. Mary Jane Hendrickson says:

    I haven’t done bead embroidery but I do use a lot of beading my quilting (ie wall hangings)

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