FREE Ladybug Embroidery Design

BugFreeDesign 200  FREE Ladybug Embroidery DesignGet a this cute ladybug design for FREE. Use the design on children’s clothes, tote bags, or a fun backpack for the kids. Click HERE to download the design and get started on making your own fun project.

Plus read guest blogger Annie Liebenberg from Diaper Bag Tutorial.  If you have any questions on the the diaper bag tutorial please email Annie at Be sure to check out her website for fun designs and projects!

Materials Needed

  • 1m x 150cm wide main fabric
  • 70cm x 150cm wide fabric for lining
  • Scraps of coordinating print fabrics for interior pockets
  • 50cm open end zipper
  • Batting or padding
  • 25mm bias binding
  • 2 packages of single fold bias binding
  • Marathon embroidery thread
  • Normal stitch and tear 2layers
  • Schmetz Embroidery Needle 75/11
  • 100% cotton quilting fabric for applique
  • Satin Ribbon 1cm thickness

1.     First do your embroideries on four pieces of fabric for pockets on outside (25cm x 25cm)

2.     Cut  x 2 pattern pieces of front and back from main fabric, and transfer all pattern markings on pattern. Then cut 2 pattern pieces of front and back from lining.

step 11 300x235  FREE Ladybug Embroidery Designstep 2 300x240  FREE Ladybug Embroidery Design

3.     Cut 1 main fabric for the bottom and 1 lining.

step 3 300x119  FREE Ladybug Embroidery Design4.     Cut 4 pieces for sides (2 main and 2 lining) Quilt through same as for front and back with lining.

Untitled 5 390x1024  FREE Ladybug Embroidery Design5.     Cut batting/padding for each pattern piece.

6.     Quilt/stitch each pattern piece through as per picture (1 batting/padding and main fabric)

7.     Finish pockets of embroideries with a lining and binding on top of pocket.

8.     Cut 2 pieces of fabric 10cm each for handle.  You can add batting for stabilising your handle, join together to form a 3m strip. Fold and stitch

9.     Sew together back and front to bottom remembering to place embroidered pockets on front and back attach handle/belting over pockets

10.  Attach embroidered pockets to the sides pieces of the bag, trim to the shape of side.

11.  Cut a piece of fabric from contrasting for the pockets inside bag (75cm x 40cm) fold in half. Mark 2cm from folded edge to attach elastic. (see fig ?) Attach to one side of lining.

12.  Attach lining to inner part of bag on top with zigzag stitch. Finish top of bag with bias binding.

13.  Stitch zip in on top of bag.

14.  Make two epaulettes and place on the front and end of zipper.

step 4  FREE Ladybug Embroidery Design15.  Close zipper and set in the sides of the bag,  remember  to snip in the rounded corners for easy attachment of sides.  Stitch, trim seams.

16.  Finish edges with a bias binding.

diaper bag 125  FREE Ladybug Embroidery Design



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  1. waoooooooo good ideas i try it

  2. Myrna Goddard says:

    Thank you for the adorable design and directions for the bag. Why do we always think we have to purchase patterns when we can actually make our own. This looks to simple. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Weida Shurtleff says:

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