Free Embroidered Fabric Card Tutorial

With Valentine’s Day this weekend, you don’t have to scramble for a last-minute gift. Why not make a cute embroidered Valentine’s Day card using fabric scraps and a FREE design?!

First, download these adorable LOVE letters designs from CME. Hurry, because they’re only free until the 15th!

Next, grab some cute Valentine’s fabric from your stash. Cut one rectangle large enough to be hooped and at least 8″x13″, keeping print direction in mind for a 6″x7″ vertical card.

Cut a rectangle of stabilizer to the same size. Hoop the fabric and stabilizer, centering the right half of the fabric in the hoop.

photo 11 225x300 Free Embroidered Fabric Card Tutorial

Open the LOVE letters onto the machine screen and arrange as desired. Embroider.

photo 21 225x300 Free Embroidered Fabric Card Tutorial

photo 31 225x300 Free Embroidered Fabric Card Tutorial

Remove the fabric from the hoop. Leave the entire stabilizer rectangle intact. Trim the rectangle to 8″x13″, if needed, centering the design on the right half of the fabric.

From the same or coordinating fabric and stabilizer, cut an 8″x13″ rectangle each. Or use lightweight fusible interfacing and fuse it to the rectangle wrong side.

With right sides together, align the fabric rectangles. Place the remaining stabilizer rectangle over the fabric sandwich. Stitch the rectangle perimeter using a 1/2″ seam allowance, leaving a centered 4″ to 5″ opening along the lower edge for turning.

photo 41 300x252 Free Embroidered Fabric Card Tutorial

Clip the corners, and then turn the rectangle right side out. Poke out the corners using a point turner; press.

Edgestitch the card perimeter, closing the opening with the stitches. Stitch along the widthwise centerline; press.

Write a personalized message on the card inside. Or, machine or hand embroider a message before attaching the rectangles together.

photo 12 300x183 Free Embroidered Fabric Card Tutorial

photo 22 260x300 Free Embroidered Fabric Card TutorialEveryone loves a handmade card. Make it extra special by using cute fabric and embroidery designs! Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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2 Responses to Free Embroidered Fabric Card Tutorial

  1. Nancy says:

    Very sweet and thank you for the tutorial. I enjoy embroidering on card stock as well to make cards. Thank you for the inspiration and Happy Valentine’s Day.
    Nancy in Grand Rapids

  2. Myrna Goddard says:

    Wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

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