5 Quick Tips for Using Cotton Thread!

Happy Friday Embroidery Enthusiasts!

shutterstock 86501308 300x200 5 Quick Tips for Using Cotton Thread!The weekend is just hours away, are you gearing up for a few days of sewing and embroidery? Consider using cotton thread to finish a project this weekend and use the following tips for stitching success!

Make it Matte-r! Cotton thread will create a matte finish, bear this in mind when selecting an embroidery design and fabric.

Buy it Right! Purchase long staple thread as it is stronger and of higher quality than other types. Also check the spool label for the term mercerized, which means that the thread has been treated with chemicals and heat to create a smoother finish.

Lint Patrol! Cotton thread will create more lint than other types of thread. Always clean out the bobbin case after using cotton thread and every time you have to change the bobbin.

Watch Your Speed! As cotton thread doesn’t provide stretch, it is liable to break more often. To avoid unnecessary breaks, use a fresh needle (and check the needle often to see if it has dulled) and set the machine to the slowest possible stitching speed.

Upkeep! Cotton thread will fade easily in the sun and bleach will remove the dye. Care for cotton thread as you would any fine cotton fabric.

Now go forth and stitch something delightful using cotton thread!

CMEFORESTFRIENDS 5 Quick Tips for Using Cotton Thread!The forest friends collection available at shopsewitall.com is 20% off this month (just enter the code EMBR20 during checkout before Feb. 28th). Consider stitching these folk-art inspired animals on a set of linen napkins using cotton thread for a fun project this weekend.

nature tote 200 5 Quick Tips for Using Cotton Thread!



Use the free template to make the “Ode to Spring” tote from the Mar/April ’14 issue of CME. Then grab some cotton thread and embroider a delightful design for a subtle look.




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3 Responses to 5 Quick Tips for Using Cotton Thread!

  1. Jane M says:

    I did over 100 caps for a tournament, all in green cotton–lot’s of green fuzzy lint.

  2. Nancy says:

    Very cute tote bag. I’ve used cotton thread for embroidered quilt blocks and love the look. I especially like the variegated cotton threads for embroidery.
    Nancy in Grand Rapids

  3. There are many different kinds of threads available on the market, but the best one for our will depend on the purpose of each person. This article is so useful for beginners. Many thanks for sharing!

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