Making toys for children with Stitched Toys by Kate Haxell

stitched toys Making toys for children with Stitched Toys by Kate HaxellDo you like to make soft toys, cuddly animals, puppets and dolls for small children? The book Stitched Toys by Kate Haxell has over 20 delightful toys and cuddly softies for children of all ages.

There are simple to follow steps, instructions and templates to make heirloom, one-of-a-kind toys to either keep or give. Any of these toys would make a sweet addition to a new mom’s baby shower gift or to make one for your own child or grand kid.

Bring back a simpler time to your child with a handmade dress up doll, felted animals, pj holders or soft blocks for babies to stack and squish.

All you need to do to enter to win the book and get started creating your own army of softies is answer the question below.

What handmade item did you get as a kid? I got a handmade doll from my grandmother that I played with until she had about all the play squished out of her. But, surprisingly she retained her good looks because grandma made her washable.

Tell me the details in the comment section below.

One winner will be picked next Wednesday!

Jill Case

Last week’s winners are:

Laurie L

Myrna G.


Please email me your mailing address at and I’ll get your new 2014 calendar out to you.


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5 Responses to Making toys for children with Stitched Toys by Kate Haxell

  1. Odette says:

    My mom would make fabulous gowns for my doll out of the remnants of fabric she used to make her own beautiful dress for the holidays. Oh the hours of play acting ! thanks for making me remember !;-)

  2. carol g says:

    When I was about 6 I got a gigantic box of handmade Barbie clothes for Christmas. No one in my family sews, but my mom got them from a woman who made them for extra money. I remember the bridal gown so well!

  3. Mary Mac says:

    My mom made all of our swimsuits one summer. They were made from a yellow and red strawberry print.

  4. Laurie Ladd says:

    When I was 11 yrs old my mom gave me a doll for my bed. It was a barbie doll that had a blue and white crochet dress that flowed outward and covered a good part of my bed. When my daughter turned 9, a long time ago, I gave it to her. She has two sons of her own, so maybe one day she will have a granddaughter to give it to.

  5. Myrna Goddard says:

    I didn’t have any hand made items as a child however I did design a dumptruck and an airplane (got the ideas out of magazines) and I used to sell them back in the 70′s when I did bazaars. I also made the monkey hand puppets that I sold. All of them went over well and were fun to play with. Washable, durable and loveable.

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