Fixing Mistakes – Holes

white mouse eating swiss cheese Fixing Mistakes   HolesIf you have ever created a hole in your machine embroidery don’t despair and don’t throw it in the Pile ‘o Shame!  In many instances a hole in your project can be fixed or at the least minimized. Read on for a few tips and techniques for repairing holes.

First determine what went wrong. Holes can happen when we cut too close when snipping away excess threads or stabilizer.  Holes can be made when the fabric has been stressed too much, maybe the fabric is not suitable for the thread, needle, design. Are you using a new sharp needle?

Here are a few ways to fix a hole.

Darning -  If the hole is small darn over the hole with a color coordiated sewing thread and use a hand needle.  Pull the torn edges together and use as few stitches possible.  When finished embroidery over the  area.

Patching – Similar to when we patch a pair of children’s jeans or elbow patches on a sweater.  Place a piece of the same fabric on the hole. Stabilize it next, before going back to the design process. Once it has been stabilized embroider the area that is covered by the fabric patch.

Fusible Interfacing - By bringing the edges of the hole together and fusing it with fusible interfacing often times the hole will be easily repaired. Be sure to choose an fusible interfacing that is compatible with the original fabric and its fiber content.

Artful Embellishment – Sometimes patching, darning and other options don’t work.  However this is where you can use your creative side to fix your project. Try small seed beads or crystals to embellish a small hole.  Look through your stash of odd buttons and use a delicate button for use with heirloom or other delicate fabrics.  Be sure to use heavier buttons with a fabric that can support it.  Use a small piece of lace to cover a hole and work it into the design. Embellishing mistakes can actually be fun and really tests your creative thinking.

What do you do when you find a hole in your project?  What creative ways have you saved a holey project?  Let us know in the comment section below!

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3 Responses to Fixing Mistakes – Holes

  1. Enis says:

    My favorite method is to fuse a piece of fabric over the hole. But different situations call for different methods.

  2. Embroidery says:

    Very helpful, you wouldn’t believe how many garments have been wasted due to small imperfections. Its quite often holes can be made if the needle keeps hitting the same area on a thread break!

  3. Myrna Goddard says:

    I haven’t fixed one but I have one. It is a towel. A fairly expensive towel that I was embroidery teddy bear heads on, Mr and Mrs. I am trying to take one of the heads off. Had a blurp in the middle and want to redo however on terry taking out stitches, even a few, and I have many is difficult however I am still working at it but then I went thru the fabric. Not sure it will be embroidered over when I redo. Help

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