The Embroiderer’s Year

embroiderers year The Embroiderers Year

I’ve been waiting all year to feature this on Wednesday Giveaway. The Embroiderer’s Year by Helen M. Stevens is a celebration of every month, the seasons and the diversity of the natural world. This book is part how-to, part inspiration and part memoir. Beautifully written and illustrated it also has full-color photos and detail closeups of her embroidery work. This book is a pleasure to read and have in any embroidery library.

Many of you know Helen M. Stevens as one of the top embroidery designers and educators in the US and United Kingdom. She teaches classes in person and online and sells kits and more on her website which you can find HERE for more information on her and her amazing work.

Since we are close to the end of the year what has inspired you the most this year? Or what do you inspire to do next year?

Answer below and we’ll randomly pick one winner next Wednesday!

The winner for the Neutrals post from what seems ages ago is…Fran W! Send your mailing address to and we’ll send the book Modern Neutrals right on out.

Thanks for reading and sharing!


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48 Responses to The Embroiderer’s Year

  1. Jeannette Covan says:

    Finishing up for Christmas. Next year I’m stating early.

  2. Annette Danos says:

    Children. New nieces and nephews born and children of friends.

  3. Kathy Schulz says:

    Just reading CME inspires me. I plan to work in a regular embroidery time on at least a weekly basis. My machine has been too silent this year. That needs to change!

  4. valerie csmith says:

    all the wonderful people in my life inspires me to keep working hard

  5. vabney0353 says:

    I want to finish a Stumpwork piece… And a dozen other items waiting on my time. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Mindy ZWeaver says:

    What am I inspired to do in 2014…..complete some of my UFOs, but also to focus on improved health and well-being.

  7. Tina Howell says:

    I think the thing that has inspired me the most this year is that as I attempt something new even though it doesn’t come out always as the picture in my mind is set up as I continue to participate and sew or embroidery more my skill improves and each new project gets closer to the image in my mind.

  8. Penny Shanahan says:

    Love CME have been getting creative ideas from it for years, this book sounds amazing would love to have to add to my stash, I need inspiration.

  9. I have only been embroidering for 5 months, so everything I see that has been completed using an embroidery machine inspires me. There are many talented people using their machines to create wonderful items. I want to actually quilt one of my quilt tops this coming year!!

  10. Linda McKay says:

    My granddaughters, ages 2 and 3, they are so much fun I just envision making all sorts of things for them!

  11. Carolyn Hauber says:

    My family!

  12. Elaine Benfield says:

    LIFE inspires me. I fought breast cancer this year. That was after losing my husband to cancer and being diagnosed twice previously with colon cancer myself. Every morning that I awake I am inspired to get out of bed and do the things I really enjoy………….embroidery being one of the things at the top of that list. So thankful that I am still here………….still embroidering!!

  13. Cleary Kipe says:

    Anything I can do still learning!

  14. Lisa Krupa says:

    When I see the photos of talented designers, digitizers and embroiders, I am constantly inspired to try and be more creative as well.

  15. carla mckinney says:

    My cousin, sisters, grands and incredible husband are my inspiration.

  16. Jean Seely says:

    I’m inspired by just about anything! I really enjoy learning new techniques and incorporating them into my work, especially my customized baby quilts!

  17. Susan says:

    I’ve been inspired by travel and being outdoors, meeting new friends and appreciating new cultures and different points of view. Its given me an interest in more international styles of design and color combinations. But we all share the wonders of the outdoor world, and Helen has depicted that beautifully!

  18. Diane G. says:

    Congratulations to Fran W.! My inspiration is coming from 5th graders that I’m teaching to quilt during their school lunch hour. 4 boys & about 15 girls – they are so excited by everything they see. Every quilt is a springboard to ideas for them and I want to rediscover that creativity. They are hand stitching 4 patches now but I plan to bring my embroidery machine in and really wow them in the spring! LOL

  19. Kathy M says:

    My life inspires me to try new things. There is so little time to learn and so much to learn.

  20. Teaching my twin grand daughters to sew has inspired me the most this year. It was fun teaching them and they are eager learners. One prefers hand sewing and the other prefers the maching. My aspiration for next year is to make more doll clothes for their American Girl dolls and to include some machine embroidery on them to personalize them.

  21. Myrna Goddard says:

    My grandson who is an incredible person and counting the days to retirement is what has inspired me this last year. Less than six months and I can sew everyday for as long as I want.

  22. Nancy Goehring says:

    I am inspired by my grand niece and grand nephew to make memories for them this coming year that their grandma (my sister) will not be here to create for them. She would have heaped love on her grand babies. I love to sew, quilt, embroider and create for them.

  23. kbo says:

    I was inspired to create an abstract quilt this year and this coming year I hope to create a thread painting quilt.

  24. Theresa Nuehring says:

    Knowing my grandchildren has inspired me to sew more and decorate for the holidays. Seeing the gleam in their eye of seeing what nana has made them makes everything worth it.

  25. Karyl McClellan says:

    This past year I have been inspired by stretching myself creatively by using new (for me!) techniques and mostly by learning to trust my own design instincts.

  26. debra says:

    I am new at this I want to try every thing

  27. Becki F says:

    Seeing the amount & variety of items that are embroidered on Facebook, I want to do more

  28. Brenda Sutton says:

    Machine embroidery has been something I’ve wanted to do for years. I am finally able to learn and do.

  29. Linda S says:

    I had no idea that retirement could be so exciting. Discovering my own creativity with the help of embroiderers and embroidery companies and embroidery groups has been amazing!

  30. Carol K E says:

    I am inspired by all the colors of nature as seen thru the eyes of our grandchildren.

  31. Linda S says:

    I was inspired by an Anita Goodesign embroidery party as well as some projects I found in Creative machine Embroidery magazine.

  32. Jo Williams says:

    That I’m alive and the love and prayers of my family and friends..My machine has not been working and lately I’ve done a few things….. It does help with depression to create and give.

  33. Beth R says:

    Nature inspires me – watching the birds and seeing how they interact with the world around them.

  34. Michelle Shook says:

    You’re going to laugh, but what inspired me most this year was getting a new Babylock Ellisimo sewing machine. I’ve been so limited in my capabilities by hoop size for so long with my older machine. Now I feel free, oh so free to try many new things. Plus, let’s face it, if you’re spending that much on a machine……you are going to use it. So one of my challenges was to make sure I used the machine for at least one embroidery project a month. Ok, I gave myself some grace, because I did Anita Goodesign’s Prayer Garden quilt and that had 16 large blocks with 5-8 small blocks making it up. After embroidering all those designs I gave myself a couple months of break and then the craving to stitch came right back.

  35. Debbie Lovas says:

    Instead of a what I have a who inspires me the most comment. My beautiful, sweet, 40 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She has had a really rough life and yet she continues to persevere and overcome any obstacle that is in her path. She has a long road of treatment ahead of her, but she moves forward with such determination that I can’t help but to admire her for her courage and her strength.

  36. Mary Mac says:

    Having more time to craft next year when I will be going part-time and learning new embroider techniques.

  37. Regina Doyle says:

    My husband, mother, children & grand children give me inspiration all year round, with them I would be lost.

  38. Karen Poole says:

    Well my answer is actually perfect for this weeks give away! I purchased a Sill Ribbon Embroidery book last year and a Stumpwork embroidery book and I finally bought a preprinted panel to complete the designs from the books (over the course of the year I bought all the ribbon and threads I needed), so this year, I want to complete and mount the silk ribbon work panel that I have! I want to work on it at night instead of sitting and staring at the tv!

  39. Odette says:

    We are in the midst of redoing our kitchen and that is the only thing going in my head right now; how to decorate it and it will probably occupy me for many months. I want to make season themed wallhangings and table settings ….

  40. Elizabeth says:

    Everything, my children, grandchildren, my husband, my life…

  41. Nancy King says:

    Just learning after buying a new Brother Dreamweaver…. Want to make all sorts of gifts for family and friends next year

  42. Orvalee says:

    We were blessed with a beautiful grandson this past year (our first) who makes me smile just thinking about him. He is my inspiration.

  43. Sandy says:

    Going to Quilt Shows, Admiring Quilt and Embroidery Artists Works And Fellow Quilters Finished Projects at Show ‘N Tell Inspire me…..

  44. Sheila Palkowitsh says:

    I will continue to make gifts for my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.I recently purchased a husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond Royale and I love it, so hopefully I will continue to learn new things to try!

  45. Ellen says:

    All the friends I have made through my new craft. My husband that has the patience to sit and help me. And my wonderful children, grandchildren, family and friends that love my gifts. And our Heavenly Father that has given me this creative gift to develop and a wonderful magazine to inspire me more

  46. Marie Dearing says:

    Everything inspires me. I see something and an idea will pop into my head for a project. New designs inspire me with new projects to do. I love it!!

  47. WendyH says:

    The 2-year-old twins have inspired me, as well as the Craftsy Classes I have taken. They make me want to get into my sewing room every day.

  48. NKR says:

    Since my son passed away this year, I was in a slump since he was disabled but always helped me sew. I decided to start the embroidery of angels to hang on Christmas trees, or whatever, and pass them on to all our friends and family.

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