12 Days of Christmas Giveaways – Day 6

SN 500 Square Logo 12 days xmas text 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways   Day 6Half way through the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways!

Day 6 of the Sew News 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways is sure to please. First, let’s announce the winner from Day 5 from the Sew News Blog which is….Lynn G! Lynn won the book Sewing In A Straight Line by Brett Bara.  And, you can catch Brett Bara on Sew It All TV and see her in sewing action too! Lynn please send your mailing address to sewnews@sewnews.com and we’ll send your gift right out.

For today’s giveaway the fabulous “Ooh La La” quilt kit from Lunch Box Quilts will go to one lucky winner.  This Paris themed quilt would be wonderful for anyone who loves Paris, fashion and chic designs. Three quilt patterns are included to make a 72” X 84” large quilt, a 42” X 47” wall hanging or a 28” X 46” wall hanging. This kit contains the following formats .art .dst .exp .hus .jef .pcs .pes .sew .shv .vip and .vp3.

ooh la la 342 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways   Day 6To enter today’s contest please answer the following question in the comment section below.

Question: All expenses paid, what would you consider your dream trip or a trip of a lifetime? Maybe you’ve already been on the trip of a lifetime? Please give us details in the comments section below!

And, for a great selection of sewing and quilting kits, be sure to check out shopsewitall.com!

Thank you to everyone for joining the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways and be sure to tune in Monday on the Sew News Blog to find out who won today’s contest and for more fun chances to win!



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138 Responses to 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways – Day 6

  1. Linda Porsch says:

    You never know, the lord works in wonderful ways!! AMEN . Well Florida is my choice so my Grand kis can go to Disney world.

  2. Sue R says:

    I would love to go to Portugal. My husband’s family is there and he hasn’t seen them since he was a little boy. He is in his 40′s now. All his family is in Portugal and would love for our kids to see their heritage and I would also love to see the castles and monestaries.
    Would love this Paris quilt design too – we just redid my daughter’s room in Paris theme :) Thanks for the chance to win

  3. Rebecca says:

    I would love to be able to take my children to china and show them Beijing and the Great Wall :)

  4. Margie Yongue says:

    My grandparents on my mother’s side came from England, my great grandma Huff is Irish, and my husband’s ancestors also came from Ireland and Scotland and it is my dream to visit the UK. I’m saving money to go but it is hard. I’m 68 and on SS and work a very small job and want to go so badly, I can taste it!!!!

  5. Lawana Whaley says:

    I want to travel through Italy, stopping and living in each region long enough to learn to cook the regional foods….. second would be a quilting cruise

  6. Betsy Bucsanyi says:

    I would love to visit Italy one day, and just enjoy the beautiful sites!

  7. Barb Ziemer says:

    Italy…..Tuscany would be my dream!

  8. Betty cole says:

    I would take my family to Paris! My daughter has posters, jewelry hanger, wall stickers all of the Eiffel Tower :) what a magical experience to stand at the bottom with my husband and children!

  9. Judy S says:

    I would love to travel around the world, with no time limit so I could experience all of its wonder!

  10. Pamela Lucas says:

    My dream vacation would involve going with the Love of my Life, which I have not found yet, to Australia. I have always been interested in the “OUTBACK”. Sample all the foods, meet very interesting people, have always loved their ascent. Go shopping and purchase different fabrics from there. Oh, and to make it very very special I want to be gone for a month so I don’t miss a thing !!!

  11. Dyane Frig says:

    My dream vacation would absolutely be Paris any time of year!

  12. Shelly Christensen says:

    My dream trip would be cruise through the caribbean and visit all the islands, relax by the ocean and bake in the sunshine.

  13. Linda S. says:

    My dream trip would be to Germany to explore the region where my mother was born and to visit with some cousins while there.

  14. Judy Spinney says:

    when I was in College my best friend was chosen for our junior year abroad, and I was not! So many tears! My boyfriend at the time said he would get me to France if he had to row me across the ocean! 44 years later, we went to France! We explored Normandy and WW2 landings, then Paris for 4 amazing days, including a birthday gift…a cruise on the Seine, dinner at the Eiffel Tower and a show at Moulin Rouge. We also found the fashion district and I shopped away in fabric stores. Then the high speed train to Avignon in Provence. More fabric, charming, ancient cities. Amazing food everywhere. I want to go back!!!

  15. DonnaN says:

    To go to North Africa to visit my daughter and her family and see where she lives.

  16. Debbie Truitt says:

    My husband and I would love to take our dream trip; a cruise to Australia and New Zealand. We enjoy travelling and cruising; this trip is definitely on our must-do life time wish list!

  17. Jean Boothe says:

    My dream vacation would be to take my baby sister who is very ill to Paris. Her and I
    have always wanted to see the Eifel Tower and tour France.

  18. Lissa Marie says:

    Being that I’m a stay at home mom and care of my disabled mother my dream vacation would be….. Anywhere but here. I’ve never been anywhere. That’s so sad. Maybe one day I’ll be able to. Canada seem nice. Italy looks beautiful.

  19. Valerie Hartman says:

    I would love to go to Bora Bora!

  20. Kathy M says:

    My dream vacation, would be the last vacation my husband and I were planning before he passed away. We were planning a 3 month vacation on our motorcycles to see Mr. Rushmore and travel the western states.

  21. Lynn Kramr says:

    My dream trip would be to Australia to visit all the embroidery shops featured in the Jenny Haskins Creative Magazine and with luck get to meet her and her son Simon who is currently fighting cancer.

  22. Ellie Collin says:

    My dream trip is FRANCE! My husband was born there and he has family there that I would like to meet. One of them has vineyards for Champagne grapes, and I would so adore spending the time in the country with them

  23. Denise says:

    Any trip I take with my husband is a dream trip. We had to be apart so much while he was in the military, we enjoy every minute together now that he’s retired. Right now, we are dreaming of traveling England together. I hope that, when we get to finally go, I can at least stop in at Liberty of London for a piece or two of fabric to put in a quilt to commemorate the trip.

  24. Karen T says:

    Dream Trip…..a cruise to Alaska with money to shop for fabric, maybe make that a quilting cruise to Alaska.

  25. Kathy M says:

    I would love to take my whole family to England to see ver special friends who recently moved there.

  26. Mary Alice Browning says:

    I would love to go to California … just to visit and to have the time to take it ALL in, then jet off to New York..that would be a dream come true…not a week or two but a month or two and just relax and enjoy and see the sites !

  27. Jacqueline MacKinnon says:

    I would love a trip to Scotland. I’ve heard how much people enjoy their trip there.

  28. BJMarley says:

    My dream trip would be a tour of all of Europe.

  29. Jan Urban says:

    I experienced my dream trip of a lifetime (although I’m open to more!) when I visited the lands of my ancestors. Went to the West Highlands of Scotland, where my mother’s family came from, and Steeple Ashton, Wiltshire, England, where my father’s family came from. It was wonderful and I learned so much history! Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful quilt kit!

  30. Cheryl says:

    My dream vacation would be to spend an entire week with 5 or 6 of my best girlfriends at a beautiful water front or wooded retreat center, just us, sewing away, eating away, quilting and designing away, talking about what ever comes to mind and simply enjoying sewing with friends and bonding with nature.

  31. Beverly Caswell says:

    I would love to take a sewing/quilting cruise with my best friend. Anywhere the ship goes would be fine just so I could share it with her. She was with me through one of the most difficult times in my life and I would love to be able to repay that kindness.

  32. Janet hollenbach says:

    Hawaii. I have been wanting to go since before I was married. However married a man who has been there so many times he never wanted to go again. Since there is many other places to visit that I haven’t been to, I never pushed the issue. However now that he is an invalid and we have been married 43 years that feeling has come up again. I just wished now we did make it.

  33. Cheryl Dull says:

    Alaskan cruise

  34. Jeanne Wolfe says:

    My dream trip would be to travel to France. After a brief stop in Paris, I would tour Alsace Lorraine and spend some time exploring the caves of Lascaux and the Loire Valley.

  35. Judy Sightler says:

    My dream vacation would be to have an all expense paid vacation on a white sandy beach and blue clear water and people to wait on me and have a glorious place to stay in while there. No noise unless I want to make it. Time for me to seek God more and time to relax my weary bones. Just be alone with my husband.

  36. Christina says:

    I would love to do a quilting cruise! I’d be getting away in a beautiful (and hopefully warm) setting AND I’d get to quilt to may hearts content while learning new techniques. I don’t think it could get much better than that.

  37. Roxanne says:

    My dream trip would be to go to Norway to see where my family comes from. I love the Paris quilt. I would love to make that for a gift for my granddaughter.

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