Spray stabilizers & adhesives for embroidery projects

spray can Spray stabilizers & adhesives for embroidery projects

Spray Can by Roy Lichtenstein

The success of any embroidery project can depend on selecting the right stabilizer for the project, the design and the fabric. For those who use embroidery machines spray stabilizers are their first choice because of the ease of use.  Find helpful tips here on spray stabilizers  and how to make them work for your next project.

Those new to machine embroidery the first question might be “What is a spray stabilizer vs. a spray adhesive?” A spray stabilizer is used just like any other stabilizer to stiffen up light, silky fabrics. Spray stabilizers are found in liquid spray and aerosols.

Spray starch can also be used as a stabilizer as well as the use of gelatine.  Either type of spray stabilizers will transform the fabric into a stiff quality, perfect for use in machine embroidery projects.

If you are sensitive to aerosols using a liquid spray might be a better choice. With any spray stabilizer be sure to work in a well ventilated area.

Some spray adhesives are can be repositioned and are often used instead of pinning. Spray adhesives can be used in conjunction with stabilizers. Spray adhesives are used most often when working with applique. Additionally, the use of an adhesive will reduce puckering and other unsightly problems.

There are also permanent re-positionable spray adhesives that can be used over and over without reapplying or spraying again.

A spray adhesive can be used any time to secure the topping or to stabilize fabric before the hooping occurs. As with any aerosols be sure to spray in a well ventilated area and never near the sewing machine or other electronics. Make sure that any spray adhesive and stabilizer is for use with embroidery machines. And follow all manufacturers recommendations and directions.

What are your tips for using spray stabilizers and/or adhesives?



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4 Responses to Spray stabilizers & adhesives for embroidery projects

  1. Ginger James says:

    I use a craft knife to cut the top & bottom out of a plastic bottle (with a handle) the size of the inside of my hoop. It contains the spray to the stabilizer size and off the hoop and area around. Most fabric softener bottles are about the size and shape necessary, and spray doesn’t get in the air so badly.

  2. patti says:

    Remember that the aerosol adhesives can cause lung problems. My Dr said we should wear a mask and have window open ventilation is important.

  3. Myrna Goddard says:

    I like to step out on my porch to spray. I like to embroider on towels and velvets so spray adhesives are a must. Sometimes I include pinning as well just to make sure my fabric doesn’t move however it depends on how bulge my project is.

  4. Tom Tortu says:

    Skye, Thanks so much for sharing a piece of your story. You say a lot in those few sentences. Amen, sister!

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