Nov/Dec issue Freebies!

Have you picked up a copy, downloaded the online version or checked out all the free stuff from the Nov/Dec issue yet?

As always, we provide the FULL instructions for each cover project FREE at

CMECover 1312 500px Nov/Dec issue Freebies!

Interested in more projects using Angelina film and fibers? Check out this blog post by our cover story’s author Diane Carter, where you learn to make your own beads using the iridescent material.

cosmetic bag 200 Nov/Dec issue Freebies!

Are you a fan of in-the-hoop projects? I love them–they’re easy, fast and finished all in one step! Get the FREE design for this ITH cosmetic bag from the Nov/Dec issue here.

oven mitt detail 200 Nov/Dec issue Freebies!

Download this pretty snowflake for the upcoming season, PLUS FREE patterns for two different types of oven mitts!

There’s so much more this issue has to offer. Visit to see all the free designs and patterns, including a cute air freshener cover, sock monkey ornaments and more! If you haven’t picked up an issue yet, grab one from the newsstand, or visit to order a digital or hard copy!

What’s your favorite project from this issue?

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6 Responses to Nov/Dec issue Freebies!

  1. vicki knapp says:

    I enrolled in the ipad newstand subscription and can not access any of the magazine. I used the email they said to contact them but have received no response. I would like to receive the magazine download I subscribed to, but have not had any success. Can you have someone contact me to rectify this problem or reverse the payment I made for the magazine. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you
    Vicki Knapp

  2. Constance M. Bunn says:

    I have tried repeatedly to download the free zippered bag and it won’t let me go past :save as…..then, nothing happens…..this is a new computer, so the problem could possible lie with me not knowing how to use the new system…..please help! Thanks! Constance

  3. Birgit Christensen says:

    Hi! I like your embroideries :-)

  4. Shirley Heyn says:

    Unable to download In-the-Hoop Beauty Bag!!! Why do we have to install Dropbox software??? My PC won’t download either the software or the design… I can only get partial downloads. This is a disgusting waste of my time!

  5. rousseaux says:

    j’adore , elle est trop jolie l’étoile merci a vous

  6. Jill says:

    There is no need to download Dropbox. The ‘Download’ button is to download the design, not Dropbox software. When you hit the download button the files will go into your download file folder located on your personal hard drive.

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