6 Tips for SewingTaffeta!

shutterstock 156935288 300x198 6 Tips for SewingTaffeta!Planning a holiday outfit that will outshine the rest? Perhaps your curtains need a new sheen to up the elegance in your parlor. Whatever the occasion, turn to taffeta for a lustrous result and use these tips for sewing (and embroidering) success.

Careful Care: Check the end of the bolt for fiber content and care instructions. Synthetic varieties of taffeta should be machine washed on the delicate cycle, whereas silk taffeta should only be dry cleaned.

Take a Good Look: Always check the fabric for small imperfections before purchasing. Some imperfections can add to the overall look, but others are an unfortunate eye sore.

Pressing Matters: Use a dry iron on a low-heat setting when pressing taffeta. Always use a press cloth and avoid steam as it easily spots the fabric permanently.

Seams Important: Taffeta unravels easily, be sure to finish seams with pinking, zigzag stitches, serged edges, french seams or other enclosed seam options. Test stitch a seam finish on a scrap to determine which finish works best for your project.

Needling Question: Use 70/10 or 80/12 Microtex needles for best results. This is also true for embroidering taffeta.

Pins & Needles: Avoid marring the taffeta by using fabric weights when cutting patterns out.

With this knowledge of taffeta in hand, you are ready to stitch up a stunning project.

Download this free ebook to learn about other tricky fabrics and how best to work with them.


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  1. Myrna Goddard says:

    Thank you so much for this information and the booklet. It will be a great addition to my sewing information.

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