Whimsical Machine Embroidery

whims Whimsical Machine EmbroideryWhat types of machine embroidery do you like to do? Whimsical Machine Embroidery by Ursula Michael will have you doing all sorts of fun designs. This book includes over 40 seasonal designs and includes a bonus CD. We would love to see what you are stitching on our Embroidery Flickr page too!

That’s right for Wednesday Giveaway Whimsical Machine Embroidery is up for grabs. Just answer the question above and you are entered to win. One person will be chosen randomly to win the prize and will be announced next Wednesday.

For the 5 Reason to Love Fall post the Wednesday Giveaway winner is Brenda! Please send me your mailing address and we’ll get this right out.

Good Luck!


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113 Responses to Whimsical Machine Embroidery

  1. Myrna Goddard says:

    I don’t like to limit myself. There is new stuff coming out all the time and I want to try it all. My favorite today is smocking. I am doing it for doll clothes. I noticed somelike the lace. I did lace collars and cuffs for one of my doll outfits and it was adorable.

  2. My most favorite type of embroidery are in-the-hoop projects followed by free standing lace. Love to embroidery for the upcoming holidays!

  3. Jane Smith says:

    I love ITH projects I don’t have to sew.

  4. Sandy Fardell says:

    I’m fairly new to machine embroidery. I like to make small projects especially those with baby or holiday themes.

  5. Rachel Ragus says:

    I love doing applique and ITH projects.

  6. Amy Ford says:

    I love to do filled baby embroideries for my granddaughter and free-standing lace for myself.

  7. Myrna Goddard says:

    Congratulations Brenda – I may just have to go buy this one.

  8. Lorri D says:

    I like ITH hoop projects-especially for the grandkids, and I love embellishing a simple t-shirt to make it look a little special.

  9. Theresa says:

    I love doing seasonal designs and decorations for family and friends homes.

  10. I like to take challenges. If someone gives me a business logo, I like to try my hand at digitizing it! After I get it the way I want it, I check out where they got their logo and then contact that company to make sure I can embroider it legally! Then if I cannot, I try to find a similar logo that I can purchase and embroider for them legally. This is important even if you are doing a friend or family member a ‘favor’. We all have to be respectful of the copywrite law. Once you have tried to digitize you will realize the difficulty and time it takes to get a design perfect (or even near perfect).
    I also like to design ‘story’ quilts . I ask a client who wants something unique for someone as a gift to tell me something special about that person. I write up a story and with purchased designs (some may even be free), I present them with a print out and estimate. I enjoy the process as much as they enjoy giving the unique one of a kind gift!
    I love trying out new designs and if I don’t sell a product with the design, the sample product becomes a gift. I am presently just beginning to ‘show’ at a local Farmer’s Market to see what kind of response I get. (My husband and business manager thinks I should be making enough money to compensate for the cost of my machines and supplies at the very least). Until now, my production has depended on word of mouth and through donations to various organizations that usually ends up with a few customers.
    Hope you enjoyed my Whimsical Embroidery Story!

  11. sue says:

    I like whimsicle and in the hoop projects.

  12. Carol says:

    I recently tried in the hoop applique and love it. I made the like Warm Welcome wall hanging from the fall issue of CME. It turned out great, of course.
    Right now I am doing two Happy Halloween postcards with a kooky witch. My grown up sons will smile when the mail carrier delivers them.
    I also like to digitize from photos, no one will ever have the same as me. I put our car on my husbands golf bag…maybe I should rephrase. I embroidered an image of our vintage convertible onto the front flap of his golf bag:)
    Love the magazine, there is always something I want to do right away.

  13. Brenda Wolfensberger says:

    YAY!!! I just realized this was me that won! lol

    Missed the notification due to being in the hospital giving birth! I guess that’s a good excuse for missing it.

    Thanks so much!!! Can’t wait to get the book.


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