Sulky’s Stick & Carve A quick tutorial!

Yesterday we had the fun task of trying out Sulky’s new Stick ‘n Carve on our Halloween pumpkins. See our creations and the process below. Answer the comment at the end and you’ll be entered to win one of  Sulky’s new Stick ‘n Carve packs. We’ll pick three winners on Friday.

Stick ‘n Carve: The Quickest, Easiest, and Most Fun Way for the Whole Family to Carve is a great way to transfer a design on to a pumpkin or for other carving crafts. Simply draw the design on the sheet itself or you can even print out a design. Stick it on to the pumpkin then carve it.

Here we are getting our pumpkins ready.

working it  768x1024 Sulkys Stick & Carve A quick tutorial!














Here is the design sheet now attached to the pumpkin. After Nicki placed her design on the sheet she peeled of the backing and stuck it on to the pumpkin and then started to carve away.

in process pumpkin 2 1024x768 Sulkys Stick & Carve A quick tutorial!

And, here is a shot of Ellen’s sheet stuck to her pumpkin.

in process pumpkin2 1024x768 Sulkys Stick & Carve A quick tutorial!

Here’s Ellen’s finished pumpkin in the spooky warehouse.

ellens  1024x768 Sulkys Stick & Carve A quick tutorial!

Here’s Nicki’s all a glow.nickis 1024x768 Sulkys Stick & Carve A quick tutorial!

Beth’s is super cute.

Beths Sulkys Stick & Carve A quick tutorial!

I think mine is a great example of poor planning. I had planned on creating a pumpkin that had “I Heart Sewing” and instead got a cyclops. I drew warts on it, stuck a band-aid on it and called it a day.

poor planning Sulkys Stick & Carve A quick tutorial!













And here they all are!

ourside photo  1024x768 Sulkys Stick & Carve A quick tutorial!

Do you partake in the carving of pumpkins on Halloween? Have any funny stories to tell? Leave a comment behind and you’ll be entered to win one pack of Stick ‘n Carve from Sulky! There will be three winners chosen on Friday!

If you can’t wait you can purchase Stick ‘n Carve at!

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16 Responses to Sulky’s Stick & Carve A quick tutorial!

  1. Sarah Kerr says:

    So cool! I remember my dad drawing designs on our pumpkins when I was a kid, but he is much more artistic than i will ever be…this looks like a great solution!

  2. Jeanne Nelson says:

    My famile carves pumpkins every year. This would be a great help.

  3. Mary E. Lee says:

    I love to carve unique designs in pumpkins……the sewing designs are awesome!!!

  4. kbo says:

    The best reaction for my pumpkin carving skills, was when the biggest pumpkin threw up his insides the length of the walkway. I had to use several pumpkin “innards” to do this. The “tricksters” thought it was awful!

  5. Karen Poole says:

    I used to carve pumpkins when my kids were still kids, now they are all grown and have their own homes and some have their own kids that now carve pumpkins! I had some kids that loved getting their hands in there in the gooey insides and others that wouldn’t touch it for anything!!

  6. Helga says:

    We try to be creative every year. Once, carve on pumpkin to place in a larger one. The worst was when my son spent hours carving and then it collapse.

  7. Mary Clark says:

    My favorite is my daughters first birthday we carved a punkin and put her in it as it was her first birthday.

  8. April says:

    I LOVE pumpkin carving, but I also love “alternatives” this year we are doing glass jars coated in paint with lights inside as luminaries to match our pumpkins. 2 years ago, I decoupaged a pumpkin black and purple, while my kids and husband carved theirs. My husband is a GENIUS pumpkin carver and would really love that stuff.

  9. kc says:

    I used to love carving pumpkins, when we grew them ourselves, but they’ve gotten so expensive lately, we just admire what others have done! Love the creepy skull tho!!

  10. Myrna Goddard says:

    Like Karen many memories but not so much any more unless they have a contest at work. Won a gift certificate for Cinderella’s carriage one time.

  11. Holly Hudspeth says:

    Our family carved a pumpkin every year. I still carve at least a small one for Halloween night. The funniest thing that happened to us was when a man who bought a giant pumpkin and hid his scary kids inside of it. They would jump up when you came up the stairs. It was a lot of fun.

  12. Carol K E says:

    We carve pumpkins with our grandchildren. They love seeing the scary glow. Their great grandmother always told them the 5 little pumpkin story.

  13. Mary Mac says:

    I help my grandchildren carve pumpkins This is so much more fun, seeing what they come up with can be hilarious.

  14. Martha says:

    we grow the pumpkins and the grandchildren picked their, and then we all carved then It was all good till it came to take out the inside and one of them get a handful and started to gage to a point and yes you guess it well after the clean up we all carve our jack-o-lantern and lined them up on the front steps. From that time on when it is time to carved, one pumpkin is all cleaned out to be carve. But the other will not let him forget it. we all have good laugh.

  15. Carla Hart says:

    What a cool product, it would be great for Lino block carving, too.

  16. Carla Hart says:

    Good for Lino block carving/printing.

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