Diane Carter Guest Blogger – Creating Beads with Angelina Fibers!

Angelina21 Diane Carter Guest Blogger   Creating Beads with Angelina Fibers!

Diane Carter, certainly has a few colorful stories to tell from her time as a Federal Law Enforcement officer. Now retired she devotes much of her time to pursue creative endeavors. And, lucky for us! Diane Carter as you many know has written the cover story for Creative Machine Embroidery magazine’s Nov/Dec 2013 issue. Check out the gorgeous cover!

CMECover 1312 500px Diane Carter Guest Blogger   Creating Beads with Angelina Fibers!

Diane walks you through the process of creating these beautiful ornaments for your very own. But, here today she will show us how to create beads from Angelina fibers. This is such an amazing fiber we hope you like it! And, be sure to check out Diane’s website Cowgirl Quilt Designs for more inspiration and projects. And, if you love working with Angelina Fibers head to Embellishment Village for great deals on Angelina fibers and film. At the end of this post find out what’s up for Wednesday Giveaway, you’re going to love it!

Now, here’s Diane!

Creating Beads with Angelina Film

I love using Angelina Film for machine embroidery.  It gives a glossy, sparkly texture that is different from anything else.  And, always being thrifty, I like to save every little piece of leftover film.  Now I’ve discovered a fun way to use up those scraps and add another layer of texture and sparkle to my embroidered designs – beads!

These beads are so special!  They only take a tiny bit of Angelina Film, make a ton of beads, and look like carnival glass.  The best part is they can be cut with scissors to any size, can be washed and dried and no matter what you do to them-won’t break.  Perfect to add to machine embroidery!

So go gather your equipment and let’s make some beads.  Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Heat Gun – you can use the embossing tool you bought when you were doing stamping OR they are also available at any hardware store for a minimal price OR ask a man in your life if he has one, chances are he does.
  2. Wooden Skewer – you can get these at the dollar store or the grocery store.  Basically they are a thin wooden stick used for kebobs.
  3. Angelina Film – you will need about a 1 ½” x 3” piece – you don’t need to be accurate (this makes it easy to use your scraps)

01 .jpeg Diane Carter Guest Blogger   Creating Beads with Angelina Fibers!

Loosely wrap your Angelina Film around the wooden stick.  Turn on the heat gun and aim it on the Angelina Film.

02 Diane Carter Guest Blogger   Creating Beads with Angelina Fibers!

The Film only bonds to itself so it will shrink down on itself and you will begin to see it crinkle and form kaleidoscope colors as it does.  As soon as it shrinks down its done, don’t apply too much heat or it will lose some of its glossy sheen.

03 Diane Carter Guest Blogger   Creating Beads with Angelina Fibers!

Slide off the skewer and cut into pieces with scissors.

04 Diane Carter Guest Blogger   Creating Beads with Angelina Fibers!

Now you can stitch or glue to any of your creations.  You can even stitch through the beads without harming them, and you still get the look of carnival glass.  Try all of the 18 different colors of Angelina Film, as each will give you a different look – I especially love the pink, purple, clear and copper shades.  And the best part is when you buy a roll of Angelina Film it is 4” x 3 feet, so if each skewer takes only 1 ½” of Angelina Film and cuts 10 to 20 beads, imagine the millions of beads you can make!!  So here’s to easy beading!  For more information on Angelina Fibers and Film (including great deals, ideas and tips and tricks) check out my website at www.cowgirlquiltdesigns.com and my friend Betty Blais’ website www.embellishmentvillage.com.

For Wednesday Giveaway we are giving to one lucky reader a pack of 18 colors of Angelina Film in Kaleidoscope colors PLUS a pack of 14 colors of the Angelina Fiber in the ‘Jelly Bean’ color pack.

Kaleidoscope touced up Diane Carter Guest Blogger   Creating Beads with Angelina Fibers!metallic 14 jellybean Diane Carter Guest Blogger   Creating Beads with Angelina Fibers!





And, a second prize of the Angelina Film sampler in ‘Winter White’ with three 3″ rolls and a pack of Angelina Fibers in ‘Fine China’ colors.

winter white 4 pack Diane Carter Guest Blogger   Creating Beads with Angelina Fibers!fine china 6 Diane Carter Guest Blogger   Creating Beads with Angelina Fibers!








Answer the question below to be entered to win. 2 winners will be randomly picked November 6th.

What do you like best about working with Angelina fibers or if you’ve never worked with these fibers what would you like to create?


And the winner for the Steampunk Softies book is Kelly. Please send me your mailing address @info@cmemag.com and we’ll ship this out to you.

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40 Responses to Diane Carter Guest Blogger – Creating Beads with Angelina Fibers!

  1. Pam Albert says:

    I am Native American and i would love to try this bead making project, I am interested in trying them in some beading works. I never use these materials before an: I love the colors they come in….Hope I am one of the winners to share this with other Beaders..

  2. Myrna Goddard says:

    I used Angelina fibers in my embroidery work and it gives the designs a nice sparkle and shimmer. I just started making necklaces for the 18″ dolls to go with the clothes I make. Making my own beads would be so much fun to use in these necklaces. I see my next project ahead of me.

  3. Kristine Alvarez says:

    I am intrigued with angelina fibers, but have not found a source and would love to have a chance to play with them. Please count me in for the drawing.
    Kris Alvarez

  4. Lise B says:

    I have never tried them but would like to try embroidered Christmas ornaments. I think they would be gorgeous with the lights sparkling through.

  5. Pam George says:

    I love the way the FSL Angels look after using the angelina film. It looks like a whole different design once the angelina has been used. They sparkle. I could use some more angelina as I have a bunch of angels to make and send to people that need a little bit of help.

  6. Linda Simpson says:

    I have never used Angelina fibers or film. I would like to use it to make flowers, Christmas ornaments and as an embroidery topper. I would love to make my own beads for embellishment. I would also try using the fiber with my embellisher.

  7. kbo says:

    Angelina fibers create a metallic shimmer to projects. I did not realize there was a film version. Creating beads and other dimensional shapes would be unique addition to art quilts.

  8. Cheryl Harmer says:

    I went to an embroidery gathering last weekend.
    The speaker demonstrated with Angelina film and
    Fibers. I really want to make the beads!

  9. Kathy E. says:

    Oh my, I’d love to play with these! I just bought a gorgeous butterfly embroidery design from one of my favorite digitizers that would be enhanced with these items! I will wait to stitch it out in case I win!

  10. donna jolley says:

    Have never worked with but would love to try it out, saw some beautiful angel ornaments the other day I would like to try!!

  11. Christina says:

    I’ve never worked with Angelina fiber, but I would love to try them in Christmas ornaments. I’m sure the shimmer would be gorgeous!

  12. Peggy says:

    I have recently used Angelina fibers in embroidery on Pashminas. I will try adding some Angelina bead embellishments on the next ones. I love exploring new techniques!

  13. DonnaN says:

    I just realized I had some of this that I got in a packet with the fibers to decorate postcards. Now I’ll have to go try this.

  14. Vicki B says:

    I have never used Angelina but would like to experiment on Christmas designs and ornaments.

  15. Lyn V says:

    I haven’t worked with the Angelina fiber or the film, but do have some lovely ornament patterns that I would like to enhance with them. And wouldn’t the sparkle be great for Halloween kids gifts. Confetti flower, pumpkins and other designs –wow, looks like a wonderful product and opportunity for creativity.

  16. Linda S. says:

    I bought some Angelina film but haven’t used it yet. I am eager to try some of the angels like those pictured on the cover of CME magazine. It really adds a nice touch.

  17. Susan Novak says:

    I’ve never tried the Angelina fibers or film, but have been wanting to. I’d like to try some of the film in place of mylar in some FSL ornaments. And the fibers as embelishments on some other ones.

  18. Jeanne Provost says:

    I have never used the Angelina Fibers, nor did I know it came in a film, the tutorial seems fascinating, and I can see a wonderful day doing this with my granddaughters, I think they would enjoy making beads, so I hope I win some of these.

  19. Mary Mac says:

    I have never used this product but the beads look gorgeous.

  20. Maria Fortunato says:

    I’d like to make these beads and also see if I can fuse the fibers with Clay to make sparkly beads. I am also going to embellish some clothing and quilts with it. Thanks for the tip.

  21. Laura Roach says:

    Never worked with it but would use it in fairy wings

  22. Donna Harles says:

    I like the way the fibers add just the right amount of sparkle to my embroidery projects. I use it with many of the free standing lace designs that I do.

  23. Cindy Schultz says:

    I would love to try some of the ornaments shown in cme. I have tried using the Angelina fibers before and they were awesome to play with.

  24. Beverly Belaska says:

    I know about Angelina fibers but not film . Fibers or film would be great on 3-D flowers.

  25. Marsha says:

    I have never worked with the fibers but the article intrigued me. I would make an angel ornament in memory of the 8 1/2 month old grandson we lost this past July.

  26. gayle says:

    I have never used the Angelina Fibers. The mind boggles with all I could do with it. T Shirts, Christmas ornaments and Embroidery , Felties. I also love the idea of making beads. Would love work with Angelina Fibres.

  27. Karen says:

    I want to use the fibers in my embroidery for Christmas — I have never used it but love the colors

  28. Candi Hampton says:

    I’ve used Angelina fiber, but not the film. I’d love to make stained glass designs and use the film as the round beads. I also want to use Angelina in mixed media designs with paint, embroidery, and free-motion work. And most important: I want to use Angelina to make a fairy doll for my friend who is making a fairy house for her granddaughter!

  29. Sheryl Jones says:

    I’ve used Angelina Fibers in some freestanding lace ornaments and I love the extra sparkle it gives. I also used it in a peacock embroidery design on the back of a jean jacket. I have some of the film and am excited about trying the beads.

  30. Mike says:

    I think it would make a great necklace for a friend’s my little pony outfit.

  31. Belinda A says:

    I have not worked with Angelina fiber before but I think I would like to make some FSL snowflakes with them to hang on my Christmas tree. Or maybe put a design with Angelina fibers on t-shirt for my granddaughter.

  32. I have a 4 year old granddaughter and she loves to help with machine embroidery. We do sparkly designs together. We would love to use some of these films and fibers in our creations

  33. Tonee Taylor says:

    I like to use angelina in my applique designs. I iron the angelina between a folded applique sheet and it forms a sheet of applique material. This adds sparkle and a wispy appearance to my appliques. Especially good for fairy wings.

  34. Becki F says:

    I would LOVE to try this!

  35. Chris K says:

    Would love to try working with Angelina fibers. I’d like to try using it for free standing lace angels and lace ornaments for Christmas.

  36. Sarah McKinney says:

    i would love to try the film and the fibers as many things that I have seen made from the fibers are beautiful.

  37. Jennifer says:

    Hi, I have used the Angelina Fibers in quilts that I have made. I loved the way the fibers shine and glitter and give another dimension to the project.
    I did not know there was Angelina Film and would love a chance to work with it and try the beads out for embroidery and quilt projects. Using the Fibers and film together in another project could be amazing. I love to try new things and see what I can come up with.
    This is an amazing gift for whoever gets it. I would love to be in the draw.

  38. Becky S. says:

    I have never used Angelina before but have always thought I would love to. The beads are amazing and something I would really like to try.

  39. I would use the Angelina film to make embroidered suncatchers. I think the sun coming through the window and shining through it would be beautiful. Also, I really want to try to make the beads that you demonstrate. Very cool!

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