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stitchcraft1 Inspired Embroidery I received the book Scandinavian Stitch Craft by Karin Holmberg recently and is a beautiful book that will offer lots of inspiration for embroidery projects.  Let’s take a quick peek at what Scandinavian Stitch Craft has to offer. And, be sure to answer the question below to be entered to win this book! And, I’ll announce who won last week’s book.

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of hand embroidery. I love the new designs and designers, but I love the old, vintage stuff too.  Karin Holmberg blends both, a little modernity and vintage touches that make her work so wonderful. Karin was trained at the Stockholm School of Textile and Art and lives in Sweden and of course she  brings to her embroidery her Scandinavian culture.

Like most cultures Scandinavian embroidery has a long history. Embroidery can be seen in the Scandinavian historical dress, folk costumes and in the every day objects like table linens and other items. Embroidery in Scandinavian countries, like others around the world was used as a way to brighten up special items, show familial pride and brighten up the world around them. ( Scandinavian countries have long winters.) Holmberg here shows 8 regional embroidery stitches and shows how you can create them traditionally as well as use these techniques but put a modern spin on them. The stitches are Jarvso stitch, Delsbo, Halland, Blekinge, Annundsjo, Pasom, Skane and Blackwork. Holmberg tells the reader a bit of history on each stitch.

There are over 35 projects in this book. Ranging from home decor, garment embellishment, accessories, and items for children.  The book includes well thought out how-tos, supplies list, tips, pattern templates and tracing paper. The photos are gorgeous and are inspirational on their own. I hope the lucky winner will enjoy this book as much as I’ve had just looking it over.

The winner of last week’s giveaway is Carol KE! Carol was randomly chosen from an outside app and we hope she enjoys her new book. Carol please send your mailing address to and we’ll get this out to you.

This week’s question: What has influenced you in your embroidery?

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21 Responses to Inspired Embroidery

  1. Kay Dennis says:

    Just the fact that I am able to create beautiful and unique projects and gifts with my embroidery machine is what has influenced me the most.

  2. Brenda Melahn says:

    My biggest influence was the discovery of redwork — you can embroidery anything using this simple technique.

  3. Val Almond says:

    I am in the midst of purchasing my first embroidery machine and would love to win this book!! :)

  4. Theresa says:

    My mother-in -law is the person who most influenced me with embroidery. She took the time and patience to teach me each stitch and proper way to do each one by hand. We spent plenty of evenings when she was alive stitching and doing blocks that were made into quilts, tablerunners or wall hangings. She instilled a love of being creative and looking at things thru different views.

  5. Michelle Shook says:

    The beauty of all that God has created. I look at the vast amount of color and design in his creation and it makes me want to take needle and thread and bring some of that joy into our home and to gift it to family and friends.

  6. Jean Lowenberger says:

    The speed of finishing a project, plus all ends of the project are finished off on the underside.

  7. Beth R says:

    Nature has influenced me – the colors, the shapes and objects, and the beauty.

  8. Marge M says:

    The most influential thing for me would be all the different selection of threads, from textures to colors to fabrications! It just doesn’t quit!

  9. Lynne Woods says:

    My wonderful embroidery machine, sashiko designs, and the beautiful threads that are available everywhere!

  10. Katherine S says:

    I am influenced by the texture and colors. It doesn’t have to have a picture of something to be pretty.

  11. Carol K E says:

    As a person of Scandinavian heritage, I grew up with handwork in our home and at church. Our biggest endeavor was seasonal banners for each of the church seasons. These included matching paraments and stoles for 2 pastors.

  12. Barbara says:

    What influences me to do embroidery projects is going to my local shop and seeing the beautiful designs made up and hanging on the walls. I want to do them all!

  13. Karen Poole says:

    I like any designs that are bright and “happy” and I really love the designs that have a basis in history.

  14. Susan Nowlin says:

    The biggest influence for my embroidery would be the lovely handmade pieces that my great-grandmother made in the early 1900′s…they are simply beautiful. I get particularly excited when I find designs for my machine that are reminiscent to handwork.

  15. Mary Mac says:

    I cross stitched for years so I have always loved thread work. I love working with flowers and holiday projects.

  16. kbo says:

    It has to be the first cross stitched embroidery I bought with my own money and gave to my parents. My father framed it and it still hangs on the wall of his home. It says “Happiness is a Gift from GOD”. I loved stitching it. I was a child of 10.

  17. Lisa Davies says:

    This sounds corny – but it was my husband. If it wasn’t for my constant nagging for him to get off the computer, he would never have bought me my first computerized sewing machine (that did embroidery). He did this so that I also became obsessed with the computer and didn’t nag him for spending time on his computer. It was then I became interested in digitizing and creating my own embroidery designs.

  18. Peggy Mlynek says:

    the traditional embroidery of my mother and later her own free style embroidery greatly influenced and then I discovered crewel work and fell in love with wool.

  19. Tina Howell says:

    It was color and beauty in a world of a nine year that didn’t make sense. I was able to take the thoughts I imagined and create them in color. I started with simple line designs and have moved up to full portraits with no schooling on embroidery just simple determination and love of doing it by hand. I refused for many years to get a machine that embroideries because I felt it was taking away from the art but I have since bought one and now do both.

  20. Myrna Goddard says:

    My biggest influence is my love for sewing and the enjoyment my kids get out of the things I make for them. My embroidery machine has enhanced my ability.

  21. Dana Holland-Norris says:

    So many things have influenced my embroidery. Others’ creations, a beautiful design, a gorgeous fabric, the beautiful world God created for us or beautiful art. In short, I’m influenced by everything! We’re all surrounded by so much beauty that I can’t name just one thing.

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