Guest Blogger Krista Tracey tells us how to make Monster Bash Treat Bags

CMECover 1310 500px Guest Blogger Krista Tracey tells us how to make Monster Bash Treat BagsHi, my name is Krista and I am the designer behind the Monster Bash Treat Bags in the Sept/Oct 2013 issue of Creative Machine Embroidery .  This is an easy to make in-the-hoop project.  Everything, including the zipper, is sewn in-the-hoop!  In the magazine are instructions on how to make the cat.  The rest of the characters are just as easy and follow the same set of steps.  The only difference is that a few of them have a couple extra applique steps for the front of the bag.  Each design file is digitized in the same set of steps to make it easy to complete this set of designs.

I am going to quickly go over the steps in the set to help make completing this project easy and fun.

The first element to stitch out for all characters, will be a placement line for the zipper.  Following the instructions in the magazine for the cat, you will place the zipper down and move to the next step.  You do not have to change threads.  The machine stops so you can trim fabric etc in the first several steps.  After the zipper has been sewn in place, the applique steps stitch out.

All Little Airplane Designs applique steps start off with a placement line.  This allows you to accurately place your fabric piece for the step without worrying if you used a large enough piece or if you centered it right.  The machine will stop when the placement line is stitched out completely.  Simply add in your first fabric and press start again.  A hold line will stitch out.  At this point I remove the hoop from the machine and trim close to the hold line.  Be careful not to snip the stitching.  Once trimmed you will replace the hoop onto the machine and press start.  A running stitch tack down line will complete this process.   These steps are repeated for each applique step in the design.

After all the applique steps are complete the detail stitches of the design are stitched out.  At each stop you will now change your thread according to the steps in the stitch out instructions.  After all the detail stitching is complete you are ready to finish up the bag.  Just like you did with the cat bag, you will want to slide the zipper open half way, position a small ribbon loop along the seam where desired and then place your bag back fabric right side down over the front of the bag in the hoop and proceed to the last step that stitches the bag together.  Remove bag from hoop, trim seam allowance, remove excess stabilizer, turn right side out and you are done!

My inspiration for creating these bags began with a monster cloth diaper wet bag I made for my son.  I wanted something small and fun for diaper changes on the go.  He loves this bag!

kt photo of bag Guest Blogger Krista Tracey tells us how to make Monster Bash Treat Bags

Photo image from Krista Tracey

When I received the call for submissions for Halloween themed items, I thought it would be neat to turn the idea for the wet bag into a smaller version that could be used for treats for the kids at Halloween time.  I truly hope that you enjoy making these little bags as much as I do.  Stop by Little Airplane Designs on Facebook to keep up with my new projects and designs!  I love to see photos of items made using my projects and hope you will share.

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6 Responses to Guest Blogger Krista Tracey tells us how to make Monster Bash Treat Bags

  1. Judy Anderson says:

    I made 5 of your cute little purses. I used fleece on some which worked very
    well. My only complaint was too many stitch out stops which were unnecessary.
    Also more instruction on when to place the contrasting fabric for the mouth would
    have been helpful. I found the downloaded instructions much easier to follow than
    the ones in the magazine.

  2. Kathy Johnson says:

    I enjoyed the finished project however I have to say the directions were very unclear. I am used to having each color change telling you what is going to happen at that color change. In the first one that I made there were 26 color changes and were only 4 different colors needed. I finally stitched them out on muslin and wrote directions myself. Very cute idea however and after I wrote the directions out, were fun to do.

  3. Melody Hofmann says:

    I just finished sewing out all 6 of the Halloween treat bags. My only comment is that there are far too many thread changes. For instance, on the CAT BAG – it has you sew down the black fabric at the top of the face first and then goes to the top of the mouth in pink, then back to black fabric for the bottom of the face and then back to pink fabric for the bottom of the mouth. Too many changes.. all the black should sew down at the same time and all the pink should sew down at the same time to eliminate so many thread changes and stops. I finally took the designs into my embroidery software and rearranged the sewing order to make it more streamlined. I also removed several “rouge” stitches – for some reason after the last outline stitch is sewn (attaching back of the bag to the front), the needle moves back to center point and takes 3 stitches. So I had to remove those from the first one I made to turn the bag right side out. So strange that those are there! I have received a lot of compliments from my family on these! They are all looking forward to Halloween day to see what appears in them.

  4. Donna Bartlett says:

    I love the Monster Bast Treat Bags and I am making all of them this morning. I have a question on one of the posts. The statement was made that the download instructions were easier? Is this in reference to your blogger instructions or did I miss something. Thanks again for the designs and instructions.

  5. Barbara Mills says:

    I downloaded these last year and only yesterday tried to stitch two of them out. Are there better directions somewhere? I would be glad to pay for instructions with what I am supposed to do when the machine stops and tells me it is color change time. I can’t figure out what the machine is going to do until it starts stitching. Could you please help me figure these Monsters out? Each one is different, general directions aren’t enough.
    Thank you, Barb

  6. Diane Ormsby says:

    I am looking for the Monster Bash Treat/Bags from Sept/Oct 2013 issue embroidery design. However when I go to the site for past designs to purchase – I am unable to do so. I would like to purchase this design – how can I do it?

    Thank you!

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