Creating memories with fabric

memories wall art sticker wa076x 2 2707 p Creating memories with fabricI love sewing. I can look at something I’ve sewn from 10 years ago and remember things in far greater detail about the who-what-why and how of it than I can with something I bought yesterday at the mall. 

I found this book of projects that I thought was a cute idea. Memory Pillows & More by Dianna Akers. Creating memories with fabric and embroidery for friends or relatives is a perfect way for sewists to do what they love and give a unique gift to a loved one.

 Creating memories with fabricAre you surprised at how much you can remember for a past project? What are some memories that you have from a sewing or embroidery project? 

Answer below and one winner will be picked next Wednesday!

For last week’s winner it is Darlene! Please email your mailing address at and we’ll get the book Quilting and Happiness right out to you.





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8 Responses to Creating memories with fabric

  1. Casie Williams says:

    I made a queen sized hobo rag quilt for my husband, a real train lover. Remember researching the hobo alphabet, digitizing the designs and sewing them out on vintage reproduction flannel. But the memory that sticks with me most was the weight of the quilt as I sewed it together and maneuvered it around my sewing table. It’s definitely a winter quilt!

  2. Myrna Goddard says:

    I made a quilt for each of my children from their clothes. They are now in their 40′s and both still have their quilt and we talk about an event that goes with a particular piece of fabric. First day of school, picture day, baseball team, etc. The quilt helps them to remember some of the funs times and always leads into stories of their childhood.

  3. Jean Paternoster says:

    I made smocked clothes for each of my 8 grandchildren (4 boys and 4 girls) and am thrilled that the garments have been carefully stored for the next generation. I now have a great granddaughter who is wearing her mothers precious dresses. Just love that they cared so much about grandma and her sewing. They each have quilts too.

  4. Clem says:

    I made a memory quilt for my sister. I copied pictures of memorable moments in her life onto fabric. I even had friends send me pictures on trips they went on. Digitized her only baby picture. Put all of it in a folding type “frame” . I had twenty pictures in all and presented it to her for her 60th birthday. I had so much fun going through all the pictures. In the end, it turned out to be great fun for family and friends alike as they looked at the pictures and reminisced.

  5. Mary Mac says:

    I made a jacket for a baby from flannel in Home Economics back in the 9th grade (I won’t say what year that was). For some reason I kept it and when my niece was born forty years latter my sister-in-law asked to use it. I was surprises how sentimental I was about this piece. I have beautiful pictures of my niece wearing it.

  6. Linda Moser says:

    About 15 years ago, my son, his wife, daughter and son were preparing to go to Hong Kong as missionaries. My 4-yr old granddaughter was sitting in my lap and she looked up at me with her big brown eyes and asked if I would still remember her after she went so far away. That nearly broke my heart & I knew I had to do something! So never having done any photos on fabric, I jumped in and made a 45 x 60 in. quilt with photos of all her family (cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents) on both sides of the family. I photo copied a letter to her telling her that if she got lonely, she was to wrap herself in the quilt and know that she was loved and missed by all the ones on the quilt. She & her mom both cried when she opened it…just as I had cried while making it!

  7. Myrna Goddard says:

    I also made a memory quilt. It was for my son. He was the last the carry the name and had been very close to his grandfather. When grandpa died I took the momorandum and printed it on fabric along with the song that was sang at his funeral. I took photos of my son, his dad, grandfather, great, gg and ggg grandfather for the quilt. It was great fun to make. Didn’t turn out near what I wanted it to be but he seems pleased with it.

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