Anita Goodesign Giveaway!

shellscapes front 01 Anita Goodesign Giveaway!For the Wednesday Giveaway we are giving away an Anita Goodesign Shellscapes Collection.  There are 49 designs total and are for the 4″X4″ through 7″X12″ hoops.  This collection is perfect for summer embroidery projects.

To enter please answer the question in the comment box below.

What was your first embroidery project?  Was it a success or did it end up in the Pile O Shame?

One winner will be announced on Monday.

Happy Stitching!


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162 Responses to Anita Goodesign Giveaway!

  1. Eugena Pearl says:

    My first project was a bag for my Father’s walker. I probably could have been better but he was so proud of it he wouldn’t let me embroider a new one.

  2. Kristina says:

    My first embroidery project was a monogrammed towel. It turned out well…beginner’s luck I think, because there have been plenty of failed projects since then!

  3. Llona James says:

    First project was a Disney character on a towel for my 1st granddaughter, she was so happy.

  4. Pam Spears-Bradford says:

    My first embroidery project was a bowling shirt for my husband and his bowling team. The hem of his shirt got caught in the hoop. So I cut it and re-sized the same the design that I embroidered on the pocket of the shirt over the hole in the hem of the shirt. Needless to say, I learned quickly when embroidering tee shirts to watch the project to keep the fabric you don’t want to be embroidered out of the way of the needle.

  5. Marlu Allan says:

    My first embroidery was a Mexican dancer on a patch pocket that I made for a pair of shorts. It was very successful. I matched the thread to the various colors in the shorts.

  6. Virginia Works says:

    My first project was embroidery designs on a quilts after I stitched in the ditch on it. It came out ok. I still have to quilt and I use it a lot in the winter time.

  7. Marion says:

    My first embroidery project was embroidered Tea Towels for Christmas Presents. They were lovely. I am hooked on machine embroidery.

  8. Susan Kunelius says:

    My first project was an Anita Good design to make appliquéd dish towels. The towel turned out great! I had so much fun I went on to make 12 more for my relatives.

  9. Susan Kunelius says:

    I made some dish towels. They turned out great. It was a an easy Anita Good design.

  10. Nancy Oliva says:

    My first one was hand towels for the cheer leader girls for my granddaughter team . it was a hit every one was asking for one.

  11. Penny Long says:

    The first design I made was an Anita Goodesign that I made in a 10th anniversary work shop. I enjoyed it so much I bought some designs to take home and didn’t even have an embroidery machine to make them. I made a shadow work bag.

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