5 Tips for Embroidering with Metallic Thread!

metallic 300x225 5 Tips for Embroidering with Metallic Thread!The luster and shine of metallic thread is hard to pass up. It adds fantastic details to all sorts of projects. However, it often causes problems during the embroidery process. Use these tips to get the most out of your metallic thread.

1. Quality counts. There are many ways to make metallic thread and the cheaper the price tag, the lower quality the thread. Rely on brands you trust and test different types at varying price points to discover the differences.

2. Slow down! Change the stitch speed to the lowest possible setting. It may take longer, but the thread is less likely to break if the machine goes slowly.

3. Design choices. Metallic thread works best with delicate designs. Any design with dense fill areas will most likely cause the thread to break. Choose designs comprised mostly of lines without heavy fill spots.

4. Needles matter! Use a metallic needle to embroider with metallic thread. These specially created needles have larger eyes to accommodate the metallic thread.

5. Chill out! It might sound far-fetched, but many metallic threads work best when left in a freezer for an hour or so before use.

Put these tips to use on these fun metallic thread projects:

Sweet Dreams 243x300 5 Tips for Embroidering with Metallic Thread!

Add a touch of sparkle to decorative pillows.

Top 5 Tips for Embroidering with Metallic Thread!

Modify a ready-made sweater with metallic thread embroidery.


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3 Responses to 5 Tips for Embroidering with Metallic Thread!

  1. Mitzi Genger says:

    I thought that was so interesting about putting metallic thread in the freezer for a while. I’m anxious to try it!

  2. Joelle says:

    I would recommend keeping a pair of scissors just for metallic threads as it can damage them.

  3. Rita says:

    I find that sewing at 500 spi is the best. I don’t have any breakage

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