Book and CD for Wednesday Giveaway!

Good morning!

We have another great giveaway today with the Whimsical Machine Embroidery book.  With 38 projects and a CD you will embroider you way through the year with these bright, bold designs.  Plus, this book will show you how to use your sewing skills to make festive handmade accessories for every season.

whims Book and CD for Wednesday Giveaway!All you need to do to enter is answer the following question in the comment section below:  What are your favorite fabrics to embroider on, or what are your least favorite materials to embroider on and why.

Thanks for reading and one lucky winner will be picked on Monday.



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82 Responses to Book and CD for Wednesday Giveaway!

  1. maureen says:

    I enjoy embroidering on towels. they make such great gifts

  2. Nancy J says:

    Denim and cottons are my favorites.

  3. Debbie says:

    I’m just learning how to embroider so this would be a great win for me.

  4. Donna Rae says:

    I love embroidery and all fabrics are fun to challenge and use. Just Love,Love, Love it

  5. Kona Cotton is one of my favorites. also like to do free standing lace projects.

  6. Jean Chromey says:

    I love to embroidery on chambray denim & free standing lace :-)

  7. Lynette Kulpihnski says:

    I’ve enjoyed embroidering on towels. At the moment I am working on a wall hanging that is called “Feathered Star”. It’s both challenging and exiting.

  8. Sharon Uthoff says:

    I am new at embroidery and baby quilt i did was a joy to do made it for my new great-grandson., going to try some tee shirts next.

  9. Leslie Oliver says:

    I like to embroider on linen, especially shawls to showcase butterflies and flowers. I find velveteen most difficult for me at this time but I just need more practice.

  10. DonnaN says:

    Quilting cottons, satins, organdy, T-shirt jersey. Whatever my next project calls for.

  11. Linda Sue Harris says:

    I like to embroider on material like trigger or denim. My least favorite seems to be lightweight material. I just can’t seem to get it right.

  12. Beth R says:

    I love to embroider on cottons; my least favorite material to embroider on is knit.

  13. Cindy Yialouris says:

    Love cotton fabric, don’t particularly care for linen. Mylar was a little challenging too!

  14. I’ve been having a lot of success with mediumweight shirts – easy to hoop and only one stabilizer necessary. I really don’t like strechy fleece and will avoid it if possible in the future. Otherwise just give me plain cotton – it’s good for just about anything!

  15. Shelly C says:

    I love to embroider on t shirts for my grand children and flannel for the newborns. They always look cuter with the Childs name and design on them!!!

  16. Vonda says:

    I like to embroider on vinyl, cotton and denim and I guess if I had to chose one that I didn’t like it would be velvet- velvet like materials because it will leave burn marks if you hoop it. I know better now. Lol

  17. Lori Brooks says:

    I enjoy sewing on fleece I use it to make my grandchildren quilts. I don’t like using satin especially in applique it always come unsewn after a few washes.

  18. Jill Hicks says:

    I like to embroider on cotton and I don’t like to embroider on terry cloth.

  19. Joanne H. says:

    I like to embroider on cotton, don’t like to embroider on silk.

  20. Nancy Jaocbs says:

    I love to embroider on dish towels. My least favorite to embroider on is knits, stretchy fabric of any sort.

  21. Lois says:

    I mostly like embroidering on cotton fabrics but I have sewn on almost everything out there. I have concur most fabrics by spray starching, stabilizing and sticking them down in the hoop as the answer for that perfect stitchout. I Just finish embroidering on tuell to make free standing designs for a Band Director’s costume. My lease favorite is suede/ leather and velvet but I’ll work on them to get better and to love doing them too!

  22. Michelle Hall says:

    i haven’t done enough embroidery to have a favorite fabric. I have had some problems with towels becuase of hooping

  23. Carrie Eberhardy says:

    My favorite fabrics are on knits and cotton woven.

  24. Carol Dunn says:

    My favorite embroidery is Free standing lace making bookmarks. I also embroider on cotton. If I win this book and CD I would get instructions in embroidering on other fabrics and get some cool embroideries. Carol

  25. Terri Keesecker says:

    Love trying new types of mediums to embroidery on. Was amazed to learn to embroidery on card stock. I would encourage anyone to “just try it” when it comes to a challenging fabric. Stabilizer type is so important to each type. I would have to say embroidering on minky is difficult.

  26. Brenda Payne says:

    I enjoy embroidering on most types of fabric or ribbon. But I try to avoid heavy jackets, the type my husband wears hunting.

  27. Lynn Citarella says:

    I’m not sure yet…I’m still an embroidery virgin! I would think that knits are tough just cause of the “give” factor. I will be finding out soon enough as my classes start soon and I’m starting to experiment. Thanks for listening!

  28. Sherry Roe says:

    I like embroidering on cotton and cotton blends as well as knits.

  29. Marilyn Guhr says:

    I’ll try embroidering on almost anything, but I particularly like silk, upholstery fabric, and anything that is unusual. Not sure I have a least favorite!

  30. Rose says:

    My favorite is denim and my least favorite is knit.

  31. Dorothy Van Pelt says:

    100 cotton is my favorite as I usually make the designs into Quilt blocks. I really haven’t found one that I dont like to use.

  32. ReeRee says:

    Sep13 NadiaCould you combine two ideas and make a dot to dot edriobmery project? I guess you’d need some fabric sturdy enough to draw your dots on, and a pattern simple enough to not need numbers (you don’t want to draw too much on the fabric). Just a thought. Love your work!Reply

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