Wednesday Giveaway!

little blessing Wednesday Giveaway!Wednesday’s Giveaway is here!

This week, we’re giving you the chance to win the book Little Blessings: Silk Ribbon Projects for Baby by Beverley Sheldrick. Master embroiderer Beverley Sheldrick will show you how to create beautiful heirloom treasures for the littlest one in the family.  Each pattern comes in a variety of sizes from preemie to 24 months and the book contains full color photographs and detailed instructions.  You could even use some of the designs on adult clothing for a special touch or on hankies or other treasures.


To win this lovely book, simply answer the following question in the comments section below: Were you ever the recipient of a hand embroidered or handmade  treasure?  Did you receive a christening gown, or a special blanket as a baby?  Maybe a wedding hanky? Do you still have it?  I love hearing the details!

Leave a comment below and we’ll announce one lucky winner on Monday!

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47 Responses to Wednesday Giveaway!

  1. Rita McCart says:

    About six years ago my youngest stepdaughter gave me a sweet little hand towel for my kitchen, I’ve never used it but it hangs so everyone can read it. It says “Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself. I love it very much!

  2. judy revell says:

    my mom made me and her matching sun dresses when i was a baby, i had it for the longest time, lost it in a fire. My uncle took a picture of me in it and made a wood cutout that stands up, the photo is glued onto it. I still have it. it’s 57 years old. I love it. It sets on a shelf above my sewing machine.

  3. Susie M says:

    Yes I have and I have given hand embroidred items as gifts. My most treasured gift I have received and still have is a quilt that my great grandmother had embroidered the squares for before she passed away. My grandmother then pieced together and hand quilted it and gave it to my as a wedding gift 27 years ago.

  4. Barbara Maracle says:

    I have about 5 hand embroidered sheets & a Beautiful Embroidered Bedspread that were made by my neighbors mother in law. This beautiful lady made all these things in hopes of having granddaughter someday. Unfortunately, she never had one. She only had 2 grandsons & she passed on way before they were grown. I always loved this lady as if she were my own grandmother, so our neighbor gave them to me because I had admired all these thing. These sheets & bedspread are over 50 years old now. I am friends with the lady’s grandsons & one of them has a son of his own now. I plan on passing them back to the great grandchild, so he can have them in their family again.

  5. Carolyn Hintz says:

    Absolutely beautiful outfit. Would like to do something like it.

  6. Mary Mac says:

    I still have the christening gown that was given to my mom for me 58 years ago. It has since been used for by five other siblings and one grand child. I don’t know if it can be used again, so I may try to frame it in a shawdow box.

  7. Kathy P. says:

    My grandmother, who has been gone for many, many years, did hand embroidered pillowcases. I am not sure it I still have some tucked away in storage; but I do have a gorgeous, fine thread, crocheted, full bedspread that she made. I cannot imagine how many hours of work she lovingly put into that.

  8. Marianne McDaniel says:

    I don’t receive things that are handmade too often, but I love to give them. I have recreated the “Magic Hanky” I got as a baby for others, but I LOVE to give hand made gifts. I do hand and machine embroidery and almost never give a gift that I haven’t put a personal touch on. I have made 4 Christening gowns and hope they will be passes down to the next generation. I would love this book for more ideas!

  9. Carol K E says:

    I have a christening gown given to me by my grandmother for my baptism. 3 of our 4 children and all 8 of our grandchildren have worn it. It is hand embroidered with tiny tucks in the front and back and very delicate cutwork around the hem, neckline, and sleeves. We have embroidered the names and baptismal dates of all who have worn the gown on the matching slip.

  10. Dawna says:

    My grandmother made many handmade items. I don’t have anything that I can think of but my Mom still does.

  11. Jo Elsea says:

    My sister took a trip to England as a young adult. While she was there she bought the most exquisite long batiste antique christening gown, full of hand embroidery, tucks and gorgeous fine laces. When I was pregnant with my first child, a girl, she gave me the gown. We had our daughter christened in it, (25 years ago) and she looked like a beautiful little bride! I saved the gown (of course!) and plan to pass it down to our daughter when she has her first child.

  12. Catherine Bachman says:

    just wore my g.grandmothers blue pearl necklace for my wedding, daughter wore it for her wedding and now my g.daughter has it.

  13. Dali Sosa says:

    Hand embroidery is been in our family for ages, my great aunt used to make us baby clothing using blanket stitches, bobbin lace and hand embroidery of all kinds, sadly I do not have any with me today. My daughters kept all the clothing, blankets, etc, that me and my mom made for the babies and are been pass on. Thank you for this opportunity!!!

  14. Karen Poole says:

    I never got any gift myself but when I had my own babies some wonderful ladies that had been customers at my Mopm’s ceramic store mad made some lovely crocheted gifts for my first born! One lady made a crochet baby blanket and another made a crocheted pillow with a baby doll attached to it, another lady made a handkerchif baby bonnet. So nice of these ladies. They didn’t really know me but had been customers of my Moms store for years!
    I would LOVE to win this book! I LOVE silk ribbon embroisey designs, especially on baby items!

  15. Lauren says:

    Yes, my mother crocheted a baby blanket for me. She is still making one for each child of mine and for my brother’s children. I have also inherited many quilts created by great grandmothers. Will always treasure these items and the memories associated with them!

  16. I have a granddaughter due in August, this is the perfect gown, etc for her. I have a dress that was in a picture on me when I was a year old, I have a pic of my daughter at a year old in the dress & now I look forward to having my granddaughter’s picture taken in it at a year.

  17. Barbara Milne says:

    I am the lucky recipient of many hand made items made by my mother and grandmother that I cherish so much. I have a set of towels crocheted on by my grandmother a cutout in the shape of a butterfly and then the inside is a crocheted butterfly. Beautiful. I have several sets of pillow cases hand crocheted by both mother and grandmother and then crocheted on the edges. I have a pin cushion hanging on the wall of my grandmother stitching done by hand and it is in the shape of an old fashion high top shoe. Many others to numerous to mention. I am now in the process of making items for my children and grandchildren. I hope they will cherish them as much as I do. I would love this book so that when my great grandchildren come along I can make their christening apparel.

  18. Connie Ramirez says:

    I received handmade blankets and or sweaters for all of my children, but I have been blessed with the ability to make christening gowns for a grandson, a grand daughter and a great nephew. I was overwhelmed with creativity when I made my grandson’s christening gown – unfortunately I chose to make it in satin. Poor baby was so hot and uncomfortable, it was a relief when we took it off of him. I was much smarter with my granddaughter’s gown and made it of Duponi Silk. She was so tiny I actually used a large doll pattern for hers. For my great nephew I used a beautiful linen and used a Celtic knot pattern and shamrocks for the trim. I am hoping to be making a new gown this summer!

  19. Martha Doyle says:

    This summer my husband and I will be blessed with our 9th grandchild. This will most likely be the last one. I like to sew and I also do some embroidery but never anything as beautiful as this. I would love to do something really special for this little girl to be cherished and handed down to her children. Beautiful..

  20. Annette Danos says:

    This set is just gorgeous. My sister-in-law, (at the age of 40, and we are all excited) will deliver within the next 3 weeks. She’d love this.

  21. micki wright says:

    i have a coat and hat that my mother hand stitched when i was a newborn. i would love to give something like that to our new babies.

  22. Effie Waguespack says:

    My grandmother made handmade baby clothes for a living. When I was growing up she would make baby clothes and give to us for Christmas for when we had our own children. My daughter wore the baby clothes and when she had her two girls they wore them. My grandmother also made my daughters christening gown and her two daughters wore them. There was a yellow smocked dress and old fashion bonnet that I took my daughter’s sixth month picture in and had it framed. My daughters two girls each wore the dress and bonnet for their sixth month pictures too. My grandmother also new how to do Mexican work. My communion dress was Mexican work. The whole front of the dress. My daughter also wore the dress for her first communion. We are hoping it will fit her daughters when the time comes. I am in my fifties so these dresses are old but we took care of them. It is very special to us that they we still get use out of these handmade clothes.

  23. Jill Carlucci says:

    We have a baptismal gown that has been used in the family for 4 generations. My father was first in 1934, me in 1959, my daughter in 1985 and my brothers grandson just last year.

  24. Sandy Harrison says:

    I was pregnant with my oldest daughter & her gr-grandmother crocheted her a beautiful afghan. She unexpectedly passed away a month before my daughter was born. We brought our daughter home from the hospital in the afghan and have saved it for her to use later.

  25. Beth says:

    I’ve not received but I love giving hand made items as often as possible

  26. Becki Fisher says:

    My Grandmother crocheted all of her Grandchildren a sweater bonnet & matching booties to come home from the hospital in. Still have the set. One of my greatest treasures.

  27. Nancy Christensen says:

    Lovely! Perfect baby gift or gift for a grandchild!

  28. Its not so much that I recieved as I made and gave a beautiful embroidered little milagro to one of my best friends when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and was given weeks to live.
    Milagros is spanish and are things that are given with love and care as a good luck or get well sort of charm to send best wishes.
    i am glad to say that those best wishes and love that went into that little present was very well recieved and now 18months on she is doing remarkable and suprising the doctors each time she visits. long may it continue.

  29. V. Abney says:

    Yep, need this for the library!!! Want to see more…

  30. Linda says:

    I never received such a gift, so it was important for me to hand embroider a christening set for my son and for both his Godparents’ babies. It was quite a project with long gown, long coat, bonnet, slippers blanket and burp cloths. We then incorporated part of the burp cloth into the sash of a first communion dress for the little girl. I so hope when they have children of their own, they will still have these sets.
    This looks like a beautiful book!

  31. Pamela Meador says:

    I have a special set of pillow cases that a ‘little old lady’ in our church made me for a wedding gift. She made beautuful ‘pineapple crocheted’ butterfiles to emblish them. She later helped teach me how to crochet. When she died she left me some of her treasured patterns (some from the early 1900s) and her needles. That was over 45 years ago and I still treasure them.

  32. Trish O'Hehir says:

    I received a crochet blanket on the birth of my youngest daugthter from my Grandmother before she died. Having 49 grandchildren we didn’t often receive handmade gifts from her so I still have this blanket. My daughter gave birth six days agoi to a little girl and I love putting my little touches to all that I made for her and her two older cousins.

  33. cathy jones says:

    I received some handmade items from my grandmother, who is now gone. They were lost in a fire back in 94 on a windy St patty’s day . I am been learning to sew, quilt, embroidery, and hopefully I will be able to pass on handmade items to my daughters and grandchildren and other family members.

  34. My favorite blanket was a Lone Star quilt made by my grandmother. The binding has fallen apart and there are stains, but I still have it tucked away in my cedar chest.

  35. Barbara says:

    I have my baby dress all hand made by my mother. My 2 daughters had the dress framed foe my birthday. The dress is a treasure.

  36. Linda Norheim says:

    I have been blessed during my life with items from Grandmothers, Aunts, and friends. I received a beautiful quilt for a wedding gift from the family. I have the quilt that was made by my Great Grandmother, Grandmother, and Great Aunts out of sugar sacks. My mother embroidered flour sack towels and the Christmas before she passed away she gave me a set. Due to my history I have created gifts for others and instilled in my Daughter and Granddaughter that the greatest gift we can give someone is one we made. That type of a gift is part of our time that we thought of them when we made it. I adore the ribbon embroidery baby ensemble. That is one craft I have not tried. Maybe I will have the opportunity now :) . Thank you for asking us to post. Recalling my history and looking around my house has brought many beautiful memories back from the cobwebs of my mind.

  37. Cheryl says:

    When one of my aunt’s passed, I inherited a beautiful piece of hand embroidered eyelet on which someone had written in a small, precise form “1897″. Unfortunately, I don’t know to whom in the family it belonged, but it is one of my prized possessions.

  38. Barbara Beeney says:

    This a beautiful design and pattern, I would like to make these.

  39. Marsha Jackson says:

    My best friend, from 7th grade, hand embroidered a 70″x 90″ white linen table cloth, 34 yreas ago for a wedding gift. The corners with a 12 inch diameter design, had sea foam stems, baby blue floral design and french knots. The center of the table cloth had an ebmroidered oval frame design with the same floral pattern as the corners, filling the length of 5 ft table. I am still amazed how she had the time and patience when we were in our 20′s to complete this beautiful project. My table cloth is still used for special occations. Although miles, from Ohio to Florida seperate us, we are still very good friends! :-)

  40. Roxann says:

    AHHHHHHH Heavenly.

  41. Roxann says:

    So Heavenly. I would make it for my granddaughter.

  42. Jacqueline Heath says:

    My mother , both grandmothers and my aunt did beautiful work. They made me many outfits and hand embroidered beautiful pictures and flowers on them. My aunt taught me how to embroidery when I was about 8 yrs. old. I remember sitting beside her as she patiently helped me get started on my piece, giving positive encouragement along the way. I also remember her teaching my vacation bible school class how to embroidery on a dish towel – we were about 8 or 9 and thought that was the neatest thing in the world. My grandmother was a wonderful seamstress and sewed upinto her 80′s. I did not make clothing as a teen because i couldn’t please my mother, so just stopped sewing-only did embroidery and painted. After I married, my husband bought me a sewing machine when we were expecting our 1st child. So I began to sew her little dresses, etc . and smock and embroidery on them. 3 more children came along and my mother, grandmother and I all made their clothes. I even made the boys suits. My grandmother was my idol and mentor . I could always go to her with my garment and show it to her, asking for advice on how to do something. She would always say, Honey, you did real good. I am so proud of you. The next time you need to put in a zipper or whatever it was, she would say, “this looks fine, it might lay down better and the collar might go on easier if you did……. How affirming to be able to hear this for a young woman who so much wanted to learn to sew correctly. I have tried to remember her words as I have taught my daughters, grandaughters and others how to sew, smock or whatever it might be- even cooking. A little gentleness goes a long way and all of the lost arts don’t become lost in your family. I have many treasures from my relatives, but one that my daughters and I cherish is the hankie that was given to me to carry in my wedding. My daughters carried it and now it is tucked away waiting for the 5 grandaughters to use.
    I am in the end stages of COPD and MD. Most of my days are spent in the bed, but there are baskets on the floor and tables near me, filled with handwork- dishtowels , baby blankets, quilt blocks, smocking for future g- grandchildren. Arts and Crafts have always been so important in my life and I am just grateful that I can still use my hands to do what brings me joy as well as friends and family. I was lamenting to my husband this week that I wished I could do more to help him. His comment was that as long as he could see me do some sewing in that bed, even if it was just a few min. a day, he was happy. Guess I have a lot to be grateful for. Thanks for listening to me and who ever wins Beverly’s beautiful book, you have a jewel in your library. I have looked at them in the stores and drooled. lol

  43. Kathy Ohlson says:

    My mother in law made me a bed size quilt for my birthday years ago. It is still on my bed and I love to snuggle under it on cold nights. Much love was put into that gift and I will have it always!

  44. sadhana chawla says:

    yes i still have my wedding hanky which i carried 31 years ago .i gave away lots of embroidered stuff like napkins and table mats to my friends that i personally embroidered .especially a shawl a bedsheet and a lovely tablecover i gave away to my relatives
    but i have treasured and kept the embroidered napkins and mats my three daughters made in school where they learnt embroidery these r my most priced possessions which will eventually become family heirlooms and i hope this trends continues and oneday i hope to c my granddaughters embroidreing napkins for me thanku for giving me this oppurtunity to share my love and passion for embroiidered items thanks GOD BLESS

  45. michelle ford-copley says:

    My grandmother took one of my mother’s maternity dresses and made me and my sister dresses out of the material. I remember I was about 7 and my sister was about 3, I wanted a “maxi” dress so bad and when that package came for us I was so excited! We wore them for family pictures.

  46. Lynn P says:

    I still have the christening gown that was made for me as a newborn 50+ years ago. My mother did the embroidery on it and her friend who was a dressmaker sewed it. I will always treasure it and hope it becomes a family heirloom.

  47. glenda says:

    i love to have a machine that dose it all,i owne 4machine.

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