Wednesday Giveaway Winner!

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Last Wednesday we encouraged you to straighten up those fabric stashes and enter to win two Fabric Organizers!

Congratulations to last week’s Wednesday Giveaway Winner Pauline who said: “I still have a meter of fabric that I purchased in Japan when I was stationed there in 1971. I want to use it but I don’t want to cut it up. It’s bright, cheerful and fun. I also think it brings back memories of my tour in Japan during the Viet Nam war.”

We hope you can put these organizers to good use!

Thanks to everyone who participated, and check back every Wednesday for more giveaways!

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3 Responses to Wednesday Giveaway Winner!

  1. Sally Red says:

    The give aways are so much fun and thank you! I love going through my fabrics to find just the right one for my projects…they just speak to me!

  2. Cathy Martin says:

    I have to just keep cleaning up another corner. The mess just grows.

  3. June Bonfield says:

    I downsized my living quarters by selling a house and moving into an apartment. I had to give some of my stash away!! One lovely cheerful piece of fabric was from my maternity tops I had sewn up….that child turned 40 this past June 2012 !!!!

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