Wednesday Giveaway!

Our 12 days of giveaways is going great! Today over on the Sew News blog you could enter to win a cross-stitch book or a holiday themed travel mug.

That didn’t seem like quite enough for everyone to enjoy, so we gathered up free embroidery designs from around the web. snowflakecoaster200 Wednesday Giveaway!

The Creative Machine Embroidery websiteSanta200 Wednesday Giveaway! always host a bevvy of free designs for you to enjoy. A few holiday themed designs you might be interested in include, the in-the-hoop snowflake coasters from the Jan/Feb ’13 issue  or the Santa applique design from the Nov/Dec ’12 issue.


Bunny 222x300 Wednesday Giveaway!

Photo courtesy of Urban Threads.


The staff at Urban Threads is giving away a stuffed “Giving Bunny” design this week that you might want to hide for someone special. They even provide a free tag to accompany your bunny. This is part of their Giving Bunny Project which encourages embroiderers to make these cute plush bunnies and leave them in public spaces for others to find (learn more about this project here).

stocking 225x300 Wednesday Giveaway!

Photo courtesy of Sealed with a Stitch.


Sealed with a Stitch is offering a free design for your stocking titled “Enchanted Christmas.” Take a peek at their delightful projects using this design and join in the fun by embroidering the design and sharing the final project with Sealed with a Stitch!

With all these fun projects to embroider, you’re sure to fill the next few weeks with holiday fun.



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7 Responses to Wednesday Giveaway!

  1. Merron Kay Skramstad says:

    Great giveaways.

  2. Patty Swatzell says:

    I love to embroider on my Bernina 830. Right now I am trying to get my Christmas projects done.

  3. Leesa Hunter says:

    Where does the time go, Christmas was months away last week, now it is here. lol My machine needs to run nonstop from now until the day to finish half of what I want to do. Thank you for the new projects!

  4. Judy Brennan says:

    Love embroidering! But love most of all new projects like these to experiment on and make ahead for holiday gifts. Thanks.

  5. joyce person says:

    So many projects, so little time.

  6. Love all the designs just not enough time in a day.

  7. Linda P says:

    The possibilities are endless with Machine Embroidery !

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