Wednesday Giveaway Winner!

Hello again! I hope you all had a very wonderful Thanksgiving and a great weekend! Just reading your comments about your planned feasts made me hungry! It’s wonderful to have a day to celebrate all the good things in our lives that we’re thankful for. I try to celebrate and be thankful every day, too!

Wednesday’s lucky winner won an Embroiderer’s Buddy ruler! If you’ve ever had difficulty finding the best placement for your embroidery designs, the Embroiderer’s Buddy ruler will help find the perfect placement for shoulder and hem designs for a range of youth and children’s sizes.

 Wednesday Giveaway Winner!

Embroidery placement is ultimately your choice, but use the ruler markings for general guidelines.

This great prize from ABC Embroidery Systems goes to Carol Brown! Congratulations Carol! Please email with your mailing address to receive your prize!

Have a happy Monday, and check back on Wednesday for another giveaway!

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One Response to Wednesday Giveaway Winner!

  1. Carol Brown says:

    I am so excited to be your Wednesday’s lucky winner of the Embroidery Buddy Ruler. Thank you Creative Machine Embroidery Magazine. It’s like having an early Christmas! Carol

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