Wednesday Giveaway!

Make it your New Year’s resolution to organize your sewing room!  OK, so it might be a little early to start planning a resolution, but we are still ready to help you get organized. This week’s Wednesday giveaway features two Fabric Organizers, one large and one small.  Use them to organize fabric, ribbon, trims  and more!

Fabric Organizers 300x2201 Wednesday Giveaway!

All you have to do to win this fabulous prize is post an answer to our question in the comment section below.  

What one piece of fabric, ribbon, thread, etc., have you kept the longest? And why haven’t you used it?  Does it have a sentimental value or have you just not found the right project for it?

We’ll choose a winner at random from the comments below on Monday.  Until then, good luck!

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55 Responses to Wednesday Giveaway!

  1. Brenda Payne says:

    I was so proud to recieve my grandmother’s sewing machine, (completete with sales slip dating 1954), and, all her fabric scraps. I still have many of her hem binding, rickrack, along with many of her notions (some in the original packaging. I have used some scraps in small projects of my own. But I use them very sparingly. Grandma’s machine is still in working order and is a part of my sewing studio.

  2. beth daniels says:

    I have had three pieces of material that I got from a Quilting shop about ten years ago. The Quilt SHop has since closed. I was going to make a black and gold rail fence quilt for the New Orleans Saints organization (Yea, Saints). It is still in a plastic bin all toghether waiting to do the quilt. I hope to get around to it next year.

  3. Calla Ferguson says:

    Hubby was just teasing me about this, so I had to reply! I have a 1/4 yd. of fabric I have saved, waiting for the perfect project, for 32 years. It’s creamy white cotton with a sateen finish, hand painted with small pale blue flowers spattered here & there.
    I finally decided how to use it. A few months ago CME had a free embroidered purse download… prized fabric will be the lining. Unless I change my mind again….lol

  4. Taggy Davis says:

    For my 12th birthday (36 years ago), my mother bought me a used early 1960′s Singer in a cabinet. As we went through her meager fabric stockpile, she showed me a beautiful creamy white fabric, with vibrant small orange tigers on it. She explained it was fabric she bought to make me a baby dress but she never got to it. She gave it to me that day to start my own stockpile. I still have this precious one yard of fabric and remember the best present I ever received…I can just look at it and remember my mom’s words and instructions. She shared her love of sewing.

  5. Laura Witt says:

    I purchased a piece of handpainted batik from a shop in Kalamazoo, MI. It was warm olive green with lavender, silver, and green metalic designs on it which were very contemporary looking flowers. I had no plan for it, just knew I had to own it. About a week after I bought it, the store called me and offered me a refund because someone else who purchased it had washed it and the paint cracked a little. I told them no because for me, it was about just looking at it….I had no intentions of ever using it!

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