Wednesday Giveaway!

Happy Halloween everyone!  Since it’s a holiday we are giving away two very Halloween prizes to two very lucky winners!

The first prize is a pack of embroidery designs from Sublime Stitching. 

AAAAAoKuaHYAAAAAARpUhQ1 Wednesday Giveaway!


These vital organs are sure to add a Halloween touch to any project!

zombie felties1 Wednesday Giveaway!

The second prize is the book Zombie Felties. 

Make up to 16 of these felt creatures from the undead!

To win one of the prizes all you have to do is tell us what you are dressing up as for Halloween! (or if you’re not dressing up this year, tell us what your alltime best costume was!)

We will randomly select a winner tomorrow. Until then, have a Happy Halloween!

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20 Responses to Wednesday Giveaway!

  1. Judy S says:

    My husband and I are going as ganster and his ganster moll!

  2. Going as a ghost bride

  3. Bev Weis says:

    My husband and I are dressing as our favorite bagels . .. had fun making large round circles from foamboard. Painted them & then constructed “sandwich sign” style to wear with black t-necks and leggings or pants. My fave is jalapeno cheddar and his is onion.
    Happy Halloween to all!

  4. Cindy Amend says:

    I’m going to dress as a seamstress!

  5. LInda says:

    I am going as an Angel.

  6. Suzanne Ripple says:

    Just gonna be myself!

  7. Karen Rilstone says:

    My all-time favorite costume was a cat. Lover of felines and “Cats” the musical, I had a great time tryi g to do Cats makeup.

  8. Mark Waters says:

    I enjoyed the Halloween parties when I was younger, but now, I get a lot of enjoyment out of decorating the house and dressing up as an Old Warlock. We have a black cat named Booger who sits with me on the front porch as I hand out candy. I think she enjoys creeping out the kids as much as I do. Happy Halloween All !

  9. Rina says:

    I’m staying home giving out candy but I will be wearing an elaborate witch hat.

  10. carole crafty says:

    One year my grandchildren and I dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood and the wolves– I was Grandma wolf, one child was Red Riding Hood, another was the wolf on the path, and another was the woodcutter. What Fun!!!!

  11. Monica Bauschard says:

    As we live in a retirement park I will be playing the good witch at our church with the children (hubby is a minister there) I wont dress up my normal daily wear is fine look like a witch anyway ha ha I shall have a new broom this year my old one is getting pretty worn out from so much use – one holiday for the children mine is coming soon – Christmas have a list already and I was good this year.

  12. Kathy M says:

    I will not be dressing this year. My all time favorite costume was when I made a Jolly Green Giant outfit, complete with individual leaves, headband, green painted face and nails, green tights and my 2 sprouts tagging along. We were the talk of the costume party!!

  13. Teresa says:

    Not really dressing up so I guess I will be myself!

  14. Jenn Wilson says:

    I’m dressing as a homemaker and sewing and embroidering. Oh! Wait a minute – that’s what I do everyday! :)

  15. Mary Mac says:

    Still have alittle to much snow here to go out so my husband and I are staying in and watching old movies. (anything with Boris Karloff)

  16. kathleen says:

    Not dressing up. Too cold for me, I will be wrapped in a soft, warm throw tonight!

  17. terry pitcock says:

    I dressed up as a non-quilter and went into a quilt and embroidery shop; it didn’t work, I still bought too much stuff.

  18. Lisa says:

    Many years ago I bought patterns for Mickey and Minnie mouse for my husband and I. He said he would NEVER dress up as Mickey …so he’s Minnie and I’m Mickey! :D

  19. Anum H says:

    I dressed as the magic carpet from Aladdin one time. It was well-made, I’d like to think!

  20. Dianne Nixon says:

    I made my grandsons costumes, the youngest was Dracula; so I wore a costume I made 20+ years ago. He told everyone I was Dracula’s Nana. I had a lot of fun trick or treating with the boys.

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