Scraps Aplenty!

halloween 225x300 Scraps Aplenty!Halloween fabric, or any seasonal print for that matter, is simply too fun to pass up. Why resist purchasing a ghoulish print from a favorite designer if you plan to make something fabulous?  Maybe an apron, a trick-or-treat bag or a garden flag will sate your craving for the material, but what to do with the remaining scraps?

Use every last inch of your yardage with any number of projects!

buttons 225x300 Scraps Aplenty!The oh-so handy i-top tool from Imaginisce will make quick work of scraps turning them into fabric covered buttons. What can you do with fabric covered buttons? How about a set of super cute hair clips, simply stitch a hair clip to the back. Add a few feathers to glitz them up for a night out at your favorite haunt. Glue heavy duty magnets to the back and add them to the fridge for a touch of Halloween flair. Replace the buttons on your current coat with a spooky set and you’re sure to make all the other ghouls jealous. Taking the time to embroider tiny designs or words will make the buttons that much more enchanting.

Pillow C Scraps Aplenty!Use up larger scraps with this cute pillow cover.  Dressing up your living room has never been easier. Pick out a Halloween design you can’t live without and add it to a solid. Sew cute Halloween print scraps around it to complete the pillow cover. Soon enough your space will be stylish enough to host the bash of the year.

Spooky Setting 200 Scraps Aplenty!Add a touch of embroidery to circles and make a table setting to please all your hungry monsters. With the right thread combo, this pattern could work just as well with a solid. Don’t worry about making all the circles out of the same fabric, a hodge podge of Halloween prints would look just as cute!

cushion 225x300 Scraps Aplenty!Stitch together your scraps into a cathedral window pin cushion . Every room deserves a little sprucing up for the holidays, even your sewing room! With very little material you can make this cushion in no time flat.

What other ways do you use up your scraps? There has to be 100s of other ways to make good use of those Halloween prints.

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  1. Lora Chaney says:

    Make a halloween themed string quilt!!!

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