Free preview issue of new sister publication- Love of Crochet!

 As an embroidery enthusiast, we know you love handmade items.  That’s why we’re so excited to introduce you to our new sister publication, Love of Crochet.  This brand-new magazine includes patterns for garments, gifts, accessories and home décor—over 25 in each issue!lcr freeissue jpg Free preview issue of new sister publication  Love of Crochet!

 And you’re invited to get a Free Preview Issue packed with the best crochet inspiration around! In your free issue, you’ll enjoy dozens of projects with step-by-step instructions, valuable how-tos, skill-building tips and techniques, along with big, beautiful photos and diagrams.

 Try the next issue of Love of Crochet — absolutely FREE! Request your FREE ISSUE today.

US orders only.

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3 Responses to Free preview issue of new sister publication- Love of Crochet!

  1. Sann Wesley says:

    Im really enjoying the new patterns in my free book. I look forwar to future issues. AHaving received the first issue, the condition however, is another subject.. I would love to send you pictures. It was used, doggie eared out. Poor taste. If perhaps, you seal the magazine until upon arrival or bag them I won’t be interested in future issues. Soooorrrry! But thank you!

  2. Sue Mitchell says:

    I have received a communication saying you have sent 4 previous notices for payment for Love of Crochet. I thought I was to receive a free copy and then decide if I wanted to subscribe. I have not received my free copy as of this date. Please send me the free copy so I will know if I want to subscribe. Thank you. Sue Mitchell

  3. Linda Murphy says:

    Hello, this is responds to receiving my free copy of Love of Crochet. I prefer buying magazines at the book store because each issue is different and sometimes there isn’t anything I want to make. This free issue was good and there are a couple of patterns I will make. Sorry but I didn’t think this was a subscription grab.

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