5 Tips For Embroidering On Terry Cloth + A FREE Project

We get a lot of requests for tips on working with terry cloth. It’s a great fabric and easy to sew with, but there are special considerations when using your embroidery machine. You can make towels from yardage of terry cloth, or you can machine embroider directly on to store bought terry cloth towels and robes. 

GettyImages 1842661241 5 Tips For Embroidering On Terry Cloth + A FREE Project

1)      Always use a topper! Due to the high loft of terrycloth, a piece of stabilizer on top is very important. It’s best to use water-soluble stabilizer for ease of removal after stitching.

2)      Cut-away stabilizer on the back of the towel will keep your design beautiful for years to come.

3)      Match backing stabilizer to the density of the terrycloth. Not all terrycloth is heavy and dense, when choosing a backing stabilizer take into consideration the density of the material and use a matching stabilizer.

4)      Hoop carefully, preferably on a non-skid surface such as a rug liner. All the time spent prepping for the stitching will pay off in the end, so make sure your stabilizer, terrycloth and floater are hooped securely together.

5)      Tear away the excess topper carefully, then toss it in the wash to remove the remainder. If you prefer to not wash the towel right away, just rub away remaining stabilizer with wet fingertips.

Apply these tips to achieve a great look when making any projects for terry cloth. Get ready for summer and find an easy to make terry cloth cover up below. Swim skirts

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6 Responses to 5 Tips For Embroidering On Terry Cloth + A FREE Project

  1. Barbara Young says:

    Thanks for the tip, I’m new at this. Would the same tip apply to cordroy?

  2. This is great advice. I am new to the embroidery machine but now have an itch to make some towels!!!

  3. This is really helpful materiel to utilize this machine.

  4. Alice says:

    Hmm.. I was taught to use a heat removable topping on toweling rather than a water soluble topping. The theory behind using the heat removable topping is to prevent the stitches from sinking into the towel when it is washed. A water soluble topping will wash away but a heat removable topping will stay in place.

  5. Shirley Christensen says:

    I do not hoop the towel, I float it on Glad PressNSeal and add cutaway underneath.
    They I add another Glad PressNSeal on top. Alice (above) is right, you want that topper to remain under the stitches and PressNSeal disappears with a moderate iron. NO, it will not hurt your embroidery machine or your iron. Been doing this for years on hundreds of towels…..the easy way. I float everything on PressNSeal to avoid hoopburns, stretching, puckering, birdsnests, NEVER a problem. God Bless.

  6. Mary beth says:

    Shirley. Could you explain, again, your use of press and seal

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