Wednesday Giveaway – FREE Scissors!

Happy Wednesday, Embroiderers!

This Wednesday is a very special giveaway, because we’re giving away an AMAZING prize! Enter now for your chance to win a pair of Simplicity 7.5″ applique duckbill scissors AND 4 1/2″ angled tweezers, perfect for precision embellishing.

 Wednesday Giveaway   FREE Scissors! Wednesday Giveaway   FREE Scissors!







I know you’ll love these tools! All you have to do to enter is answer the following question in the comments section below, “How did you learn machine embroidery?”

It’s a sizable investment, so how did you fall in love with it? Did a family member or friend get you hooked? We want to know! Tell us your story and find out tomorrow if you were randomly chosen to win this awesome Simplicity set!

Good luck and have a great Wednesday. See you back here tomorrow!

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75 Responses to Wednesday Giveaway – FREE Scissors!

  1. penny says:

    I’m self-taught too! I love Creative Magazine and just could not have done it without youtube videos and the help of friends!

  2. I just bought my first embroidery machine from a new friend and signed up for a “get to know your embroidery machine” class at the Singer store here on Kauai island. I went just last night! I am hooked!

  3. Karen says:

    I am self-taught. Still learning.

  4. Pam Rohrkemper says:

    My BFF and I purchased our Babylock Elegante 2 machines together. We learned at each other’s elbows until she moved. Now we have a weekly telecon to find out what the other is stitching and to run by ideas. Embroidering is so much fun!

  5. Lisa laveroni says:

    My husband bought me an embroidery machine as a gift.

  6. Cathy Martin says:

    My Janome dealer. There are so many classes. All the other embroiders have taught me so much. I also love CME and youtube!

  7. Ellen says:

    My mom got an embroidery machine and when I visited I played with it. Learned from her, investigated embroiders websites and took some classes with her. I got her old machine when she upgraded. So more time to play.

  8. jill Conway says:

    I am self taught I read tips to lean what I can.

  9. Jane Smith says:

    I had seen someone embroider at the state fair years ago. It must have stayed in my mind, because I ordered a brother ULT2001 from best sewing. I only had the books that came with it to learn from. Also the internet. Since then I have bought four machines. But my ULT is still in my bedroom in case I get the urge to embroider at night.

  10. Judy Breen says:

    Decided I wanted to learn how to quilt and innocently walked into my local quilt shop where they extensively incorporated machine embroidery into their quilts. And I fell in love with all of it. Since then I have taken classes, poured over magazines, browsed web sites, joined our local machine embroiderers guild and quilting guild, talked to fellow machine embroiderers, and just sat at my machine and watched in amazement while the designs came to life in something I was creating. It is not just my hobby, it is my passion.

  11. Kathleen Watson says:

    I learned how to do machine embroidery because our first granddaughter was born and I wanted to make blankets with embroidery on them plus embroider bibs etc. My first machine was a Rose by Viking which is still used for sewing and some embroidering even today. My current machine is the Brother Quattro which just blows my mind everytime I use it. I have been putting together a booklet using all the feet and stitches so when I am desigining something I can flip through my “stitch book” and create something different. I love being able to make lace and in the next hooping use neon colors and crazy designs for that now 15 yr old granddaughter! Thanks for listening!

  12. JACKIE MORGAN says:

    I receive emails.

  13. Kathleen Watson says:

    Oooops….My Brother Dealer offers classes on a weekly basis and am now using the Babylock Evolution and Quattro in combination to make gifts and blankets for the Sharing Center. If you are in Central Fl the best place to go is the Sewing Studio….

  14. Diane Tarpey says:

    I moved my elderly mother to live with me and in the course of moving her household goods, we came across quilt blocks she and my grandmother had stitched by hand in the 30s and 40′s. My mom and granny had taught me to sew as I was growing up. I could crochet some and do some crude hand embroidery, but I never really had the passion they did. When we found these UFOs, I had to finish them. With mom’s encouragement, I went shopping for a new machine. I fell in love with the “new” computerized embroidery machines. I was amazed at all the creative and wonderful things you could do and couldn’t find enough time to try them all. I enrolled in a few embroidery courses offered where I purchased my machine. That was 15 yrs and many projects ago. My mom has since passed away, but she is still close in my heart everytime I sew.

  15. Kitty2820 says:

    My mother taught me to sew and embroider when I was very young. In 1987 when I was getting ready to travel to Taiwan, I fell in love with my first computerized machine. Of course, the “embroidery” was very limited but I was hooked on the idea of designing. My husband has encouraged me and upgraded my machines – partly so I could do things for him, I think, as he and his friends were ham radio operators. Magazines such as CME and the digitizing sites that have instructions and projects are responsible in great part for my ability and zeal, as well as being blessed with a huge family and lots of friends with birthdays to keep me busy.

  16. Dale Wood says:

    I was looking for a good top of the line sewing machine. This was when they were just coming out with eembroidery. I really wasn’t all that interested in the embroidery part, but bought the top of the line Husqvarna Viking and figured since it had the embroidery I would try it. Turns out I do more embroidery than sewing! I now have a 10 spool Babylock and a Designer Diamond. I’m hooked on embroidery!

  17. Cindy Broome says:

    I always admired the work my cousin did on her embroidery machine. She lives in another state, so I didn’t get to see her that often. However, whenever we were together, I would look at her work with great admiration. She had given me some of her “test” pieces that were in my opinion, out of this world. We talked and talked about the hobby. And I yearned to learn. When I retired from my job, my husband talked me into buying an embroidery machine as a gift to myself. We looked and bought! I has hooked and took classes and worked on learning. I had to take a few years off of learning to recover from a bout of cancer. I’m back and ready to learn more. I wish I could be 1/199th as good as my cousin — so I’ll just have to keep trying.

  18. Claudia Ziersch says:

    I started out cheap and argued with my Grandmother’s friend that it couldn’t possibly make a difference. But she said it did. So I bought the same machine my Grandmother had – a Bernina 730 – and WOW! what a difference. Since then I can’t stop, now I have a small business.

  19. Shirley Lynn says:

    I was working for a Pfaff dealer at the time and was fascinated with the 7570 when it came out. I still have my 7570 but have added a Babylock Ellageo. I use the 7570 for general sewing and the Ellageo for embroidery.

  20. Kate Joekel says:

    I am basically self taught also. The helpful tips and Q & A’s that several sites run on Facebook have answered so many of my questions. The machine embroidery community is generous with advice and ideas!

  21. kris kopsell says:

    I was looking for a new regular sewing machine because mine was not making me happy. I went to a store in town and I saw a Janome 8000 and fell in love. It went home with me that night and the rest is history. kris

  22. Rosemary Griffis says:

    I didn’t know I needed it until I bought my In-novis 1500D. Good things getting better.

  23. Jenny Kucera says:

    I purchased my first embroidery machine at a garage sale on a whim. I’m self taught, with a BIG learning curve ;-) I’ve since upgraded to a bigger machine and loving it.

  24. judy says:

    My sister showed me all the fun things you can make and got me started. I have enjoyed it ever since and still learning.

  25. Jessie Ramos says:

    I have always loved embroidery, but it takes so long to finish a project. Saw an embroidery machine demonstration and fell in love with it. Came back and purchased it!

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