Adventures in Machine Embroidery!

Machine embroidery can be simple, though when you sit down in front of the machine for the first time, it doesn’t seem that way.

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I have been sewing for many years and done my fair share of hand embroidery, but never really any machine embroidery. Since starting to work at Creative Crafts Group for Creative Machine Embroidery, I have been learning more about it each day, and with the help of my coworker Jessie, finally stitched my first design!

Ok, to be honest, she did most of the work, but I still learned a lot!

Here are some basic tips for those of you who are just beginning, or for those of you that are machine embroidery experts, here are some basic tips to give to your beginner friends to help make machine embroidery easy.

Hoops-there are hundreds of them! So how to pick the right one?

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Fabric hoops generally come with an embroidery machine in a variety of sizes. Hoops are important in that they keep the fabric taut and in place while stitching. If a fabric moves while the machine is stitching, the design will not stitch correctly and in most cases the border will not match up with the rest of the design.

Choosing the correct size: Video 3 0 00 36 21 300x225 Adventures in Machine Embroidery!

Choose a hoop that is the closest to your design size (or the one a pattern tells you to use). Using a hoop that is too big leaves more room for the fabric to move within the hoop, which could make your design not stitch properly. Many machines will tell you what size of hoop to use when you load your design.

Stabilizers! What kind to use and when to use them.

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Stabilizers are used to make fabric a little more rigid when stitching. The key to a great design is getting the right amount of tension in the loop. If the tension is too loose, and there isn’t enough stabilizer, the fabric can slip. If there is too much stabilizer it can add extra bulk to your project. Here are a couple articles with more information on stabilizers.Video 3 0 00 14 251 300x225 Adventures in Machine Embroidery!

Adhesive Stabilizer 

Tear-Away Stabilizer

Stitching your design:

After you have stabilized and hooped your fabric it’s time to stitch your design! We chose a simple apple design available for free here.

Video 12 0 00 01 081 300x225 Adventures in Machine Embroidery!

Attach the hoop onto the machine, load your design and begin! It really can be that simple!

What was your biggest fear when beginning machine embroidery?

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4 Responses to Adventures in Machine Embroidery!

  1. Kelly Preciado says:

    My biggest fear when I first started machine embroidery was be successful at it. I wasn’t sure I knew enough to use the right stablizers on the fabrics I was using. Now its a breeze.

  2. Judy Gaines says:

    I have a embroidering machine,sham to say for 5 years and have never used it ,I make fancy pajamas is there help for me.

  3. Alo Sen says:

    My biggest fear was positioning the pattern at the right place.

  4. Beverly Rawls says:

    Like Alo, my biggest fear was positioning the pattern at the right place. I’ve kind of figured that out now. Also, using the right stablizer was HUGE!! i was using tear away on knits and my fabric was getting eaten down in the hole. It was suggested that I use cut away and medium to heavy weight and what a difference. Keep trying!

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