Wednesday Giveaway Winner

Congrats to Sheila G. for being randomly chosen as the Wednesday Giveaway winner! She won a Kanzashi Flower Maker from Clover and Stitch Witchery and Stitch Witchery Tape Dispenser from Dritz!

Stay tuned for future Wednesday Giveaways for a chance to win fabulous prizes!


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2 Responses to Wednesday Giveaway Winner

  1. cathy goforth says:

    I select my thread colors based on the material that I am stitching on and also the way that I would like for the design to “pop” or be subtle, depending on who I am stitching the item for.

  2. Carol Robinson says:

    I first choose the background of the project I’m working on then select colors that will “pop” on that. I tend to use bright, strong colors as they seem to have the most impact.

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