Wednesday Giveaway

9780761154792 Wednesday Giveaway

Enter the Wednesday Giveaway for a chance to win The Fashion Designer’s Handbook and Kit by Marjorie Galen, published by Workman Publishing Company.

To enter, answer the following question: Do you have aspirations to become a fashion designer?

Post your answer by 10 am ET on Friday. We’ll randomly select and announce the lucky winner by 5 pm ET on Friday. Good luck!


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21 Responses to Wednesday Giveaway

  1. Brenda Melahn says:

    No, but love to sew for my grandchildren and ensure they are current and “in style”. Also, my granddaughter loves to design her own clothes (yes, she is 8).

  2. LadyRuna says:

    I am a “fashion designer” for myself and my husband. I don’t necessarily wish to design for the world, but I am perfectly happy designing clothing for myself. :)

  3. Jean Lowenberger says:

    Would love to be a designer, but don’t have the courage or the time and money. I do like to sew for my daughter and grandaughters though.

  4. Erin says:

    I am in the process of being a designer. I’m trying to open up a business sewing Figure Skating, Gymnastics and Dance costumes. I love sewing and it’s my passion.

  5. Jaye Gause says:

    Been working on some accessory items, does that count??

  6. Carolyn H says:

    I don’t have an aspirations to be a designer. I don’t have any creative ideas. Don’t know how people think up the designs they do.

  7. Sheila Whitney says:

    I like to dabble a bit in designing my own clothes and purses. I have done that for many years. A professional guideline book would be very helpful. I would love to add this book to my bookshelf.

  8. jane hague says:

    yes i would love to but dont know where to start. but i make all my grandkids toy’s from pattern’s.x

  9. Mary Ann Parker says:

    I am not creative enough to design but my 26 year old granddaughter has always loved to sit and sew with me. She has always said she would like to be a designer and she make her 4 year old daughter’s clothes.

  10. Barbara Young says:

    Enjoy sewing for the 5 greatgranchildren, always looking for new ideas and designs.

  11. Kathy Hulsmann says:

    I do like to design clothes but just for myself and family.

  12. Mary Angerer says:

    When I was a pre-teen, I thought I would like to be a dress designer until I realized I didn’t have much artistic talent.

  13. Kathy Braun says:

    No, I don’t aspire to be any kind of artist, but enjoy seening other people’s ideas and copying–sorry!

  14. Juanita Davis says:

    I have always dabbled in designing my own clothes and those of my girls when they were younger. I am now doing so for my granddaughters. It’s always been a dream to do it on a larger scale.

  15. Patricia Lenhart says:

    Well, I never really did, but for a while it was my major in college. Long enough for me to realize it was a mistake.

  16. Carol says:

    No, I don’t have the artistic ability. Who knows if I win the book I might find hidden talent.

  17. Susan Spiers says:

    YES! If I had to do it all over again – dream come true!

  18. Phyllis McCord says:

    A bit of a dream I confess…Creativity is not my middle name so I gather inspiration from all around me and do little things since the implementation is the hard part.
    Fun but very hard!

  19. Janice Beitz says:

    I did when I was younger but now I design for my daughter and me.

  20. MizWasy says:

    I’m not what you’d call a designer, but, I’ve been thinking of designing some doll clothes (they could translate to baby clothing) along with dolly-sized quilts. How cute would that be??? Might have to get my notepad out to get going . . . hmm

  21. Beverly says:

    No, but I love to sew for my family!

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