Wednesday Giveaway

GRNOWL Wednesday Giveaway

Enter the Wednesday Giveaway for a chance to win CME‘s original Green Owl embroidery design (pictured above) in the format of your choice.

To enter, answer the following question: What kinds of items would you embellish using this cute critter?

Post your answer by 10 am ET on Friday. We’ll randomly select and announce the lucky winner by 5 pm ET on Friday. Good luck!

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32 Responses to Wednesday Giveaway

  1. Linda Middlemist says:

    I LOVE Owls and would love to win . Iwould use decorative stitches to embellish. Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. Suzanne Ripple says:

    I would embroider it on a baby blanket.

  3. Cindy Landry says:

    I would put it on bibs and baby blankets and maybe even a few children shirts.

  4. This would be terrific for baby and kids’ items…but might be cute on a fun tote or handbag as well.


    I would use it on my grandson’s diaper bag,burp rag and bibs!

  6. Oh my — The first thing I would make is a gift set for a new mom or mom-to-be. the gift set would include burp cloths, bibs, onesies, layette gown, blankets, and a owl toy with this design. it’s adorable!

  7. Carolyn H says:

    I’d put it on a T shirt for my grandson.

  8. Dominique B.-A. says:

    I’d use it to decorate my daughter’s summer dresses. They have to be big and frilly – and naturally the owl would be in either pink or purple to match her current color choices.

  9. Marilyn Husted says:

    The owl is my granddaughter’s school mascot so I would use it on totes, gym bags, towels, etc. for her. Too cute!

  10. Marjorie Hildebrand says:

    I would use it on my grandson’s quilt and curtain border. He loves bright colors and touching.

  11. Marge Lind says:

    I would use the design on a book bag.

  12. Shirley says:

    Something for my 14 yr old granddaughter – she loves owls!

  13. Carol D. says:

    I’d use it on a Tee for my grand baby.

  14. DonnaN says:

    I would embellish a tote bag and shirt for my granddaughter who loves owls.

  15. Sue Kaminske says:

    My Grandaughter’s room is all Owls, I would make her another quilt and maybe some new curtains to match. Also a pillow, what a cute room that will be!

  16. Dottie Green says:

    He would look terrific on childrens tee shirts, tote bags, baby burp cloths, diaper bags, also on diaper stackers, bumper pads, so many things to do with him– I would even love him on a demin shirt for me.

  17. Barb Watson says:

    He is a cutie, not sure but would probably use him for something to do with children. He would look good on a bag too!

  18. Barb Halko says:

    anything baby

  19. Wanda says:

    Owls are my favorite next to black cats. I would put it on one of my purses I make.

  20. Chris Carter says:

    oh my, owls, what couldn’t I embelish, libary bag, back pack, hand towel, cuddle rug, anything for a child could do with an owl, then there are the cushions, placemats oh the list goes on, chris c

  21. Sharon says:

    How about a pair of jeans, a kitchen dish towel, or a childs dress or shirt? I like it on anything.

  22. Marla Wagner says:

    I love owls. I need more owl embroidery designs. I would love to win this one. It is so cute! I would put it on a purse.

  23. Jean says:

    I would use the owl design for baby items and maybe a border on a little skirt.

  24. Jill says:

    I would use the owl design on baby bibs, tote bags, onesies, and burp cloths.

  25. PattyS says:

    I would put the owl on a jacket and a t-shirt.

  26. CynthiaP says:

    Tea towels for my niece who loves anything regarding owls.

  27. Diane says:

    My future daughther-in-law loves owls so I would put it on a makeup bag or something like that.

  28. Nancy Vermette says:

    It would be very cute on a tote bag with matching smaller zippered case.

  29. Holly Hudspeth says:

    What a cute little owl. This would be great for a cover on a camping trip journal with “What a Hoot as the title. I can also see it enlarged on a t-shirt with girly colors and a little hot pink bow on one ear to dress it up a bit. Blingy crystals on both eyes would be nice for both projects to give it a little more pop.

  30. Wanda H Leffingwell says:

    I would love to win this design to make a wrist pin cusion! I need a( wise) cute old owl!

  31. Joyce Boutette says:

    I think this would be great on my potholders and towel toppers. It would really make my kitchen outstanding.

  32. Sharon Meyer says:

    So many places for this cutie. On clothes for my grand daughters curtains for my new craft room ohh matching pillows the list goes on. Thanks for the chance happy creating

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