Wednesday Giveaway

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Enter the Wednesday Giveaway for a chance to win Machine Embroidery for Special Occasions by Joan Hinds.

To enter, answer the following question: What’s your favorite occasion/holiday to sew projects for?

Post your answer by 10 am ET on Friday. We’ll randomly select and announce the lucky winner by 7 pm ET on Friday. Good luck!


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145 Responses to Wednesday Giveaway

  1. Christmas time gets most of my embroidery sewing time.

  2. Anne says:

    Christmas, but I prepare for Christmas all year long.

  3. Peggy Smith says:

    I would have to say Christmas time would be my favorite for sewing projects!

  4. Joanie Swope says:

    Ever since I learned machine embroidery, I’ve loved it and always add some on everything I sew. But I think my favorite season is spring/summer because I love the bright colors and it lifts my winter doldrums.

  5. Vickie says:

    Christmas; I love the colors and decorating our home and making gifts for family and friends.

  6. Karen Rozeske says:

    My favorite time to embroidery is anytime. I love to embroider for holidays, babies, my grandchildren. I love to make gifts with my embroidery.

  7. Judy Stuart says:

    Christmas for sure, and birthday/special occasions, although my machine is always looking for new projects!

  8. Sharon Meyer says:

    Christmas. My favorite holiday of the year because anything goes.

  9. Cammie says:

    Equestrian competition, my granddaughter LOVES anything I’ll make her for this, personalized horse blankets, saddle carry bags, etc. and I can embellish her clothing with just about anything I can think of.

  10. Elaine says:

    I love to embroider for birthday/any occasion gifts. My friends and family always seem to enjoy receiving something personalized. The last gift I made was an apron and my friend hangs in it her kitchen as decoration. She says it is too pretty to use. That keeps me going back to do more!

  11. Annalene Thomassen says:

    Halloween!! Costumes, etc are so much fun to embroider and sew. I love this holiday.

  12. Caroline Holmes says:

    I love to sew for birthdays – I have 7 year old twins so I sew decorations for the party, party bags and favours and of course presents for my girls (and others when it’s their birthday). My friends and family love to receive home made gifts!

  13. Stacey Bible says:

    I don’t really have a favorite time of year to embroider. I work on projects for my daughters all the time, and once in a while my husband gets a special project done just for him.

  14. Monuel Barksdale says:

    I am new at it but i would say anything.

  15. Sandy House says:

    I love making things to say “thank you” when people do special things. So its not a holiday but more of an occasion!

  16. Debbie McShan says:

    My favorite projects are prom dresses and wedding gowns. I sewed and beaded wedding gowns for two of our three daughters’ and their dresses were so special.

  17. Tammy Waggoner says:

    Fourth of July as I love summer!! But also love tyhe rest of the year too!!

  18. Debbie McShan says:

    I love CME magazine and always manage to learn something new with every issue.

  19. vivian mitchell says:

    Any time I can do something to say thank you to someone is my favorite time to sew. Never hurts to bring a little joy to someones life and that might be just what they needed at that time.

  20. Karen Videgar says:

    Christmas is my favorite! I just becme a Grandma and am having fun embroiderinf foe my Grandson :-)

  21. Cheryl Kirkbride says:

    Valentine’s Day!

  22. Betty R Williams says:

    I love to take old things and update them. also, love Christmas

  23. Debora Kerr says:

    Halloween! I like making a little something extra cute and spooky to go with the candy.

  24. Robin Meadows says:

    I really like the Christmas season. Making the house sparkle for the season with all of the special touches means a lot.

  25. Sue Ann Nunez says:

    Wedding presents and birthday presents then alot of Easter stuff

  26. Victoria Butler says:

    Christmas….I love to give home made gifts at Christmas. My family loves them too.

  27. Linda Middlemist says:

    Christmas is when I enjoy special projects. Would love to win the book. Thanks for the opportunity

  28. Brenda says:

    Christmas is my favorite time to make gifts. I love to make things for each of my grandchildren.

  29. Lori says:

    My favorite projects are Christmas of course but I really love making things for my new granddaughter and new nephew. Embroidery has come a long way and I love CME for showing us new and exciting ways to use our machines!

  30. Kristi Fritsvold says:

    Love to sew for birthdays then I can concentrate on one item to make really special!

  31. rosalee says:

    I just love the fact that now that I have embroidery, I can make any day a holiday!!

  32. Anne Marie Reilly says:

    I do most of my sewing/embroidery for Christmas presents, but I also make things for birthday and shower presents.

  33. Renee T says:

    Favorite season is Christmas. You can make some really cute things with all different designs.

  34. Barb Setterdahl says:

    Any holiday that requires gifts. I love to make Christmas and Birthday gifts.

  35. Peggy Saia says:

    I sew for Halloween. I love making all those costumes. Then, I start on all the holiday things.

  36. Sheila Gaston says:

    I love to make personalized baby blankets for the new babies. Every new mom in my church gets one.

  37. Toni Sollenberger says:

    Christmas with all the sparkling metallic threads.

  38. Dianne Dietrich says:

    Its so much fun seeing all the projects available and learning something new and exciting.

  39. i love to machine for all the holidays. the embroideries make everything extra special!

  40. Sharon Stoehr says:

    I like Halloween with the green, black, and orange pumpkins, cats, spooky houses….just too cute.

  41. Lori says:

    I love to sew items for Christmas gifts, whether they are a Christmas deco item or something that can be used year round. I’ve made fleece pillows, pillowcases, fleece blankets, embroidered shirts, FSL ornaments and a lot more. My second favorite holiday to sew for is halloween!

  42. Debra Guarriello says:

    I incorporate machine embroidery into almost all of my projects throughout the year. It always adds a special little pop!

  43. Patricia Lenhart says:

    The fall seems to be the time I embroider the most things. Halloween and Thanksgiving are great subjects and then it’s Christmastime. No end to the possibilities.

  44. connie smith says:

    It is a tough choice. Either Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

  45. Pat Hisel says:

    Everday that I embroidery or sew something is a special occasion or holiday for me.

  46. Michele Pistey says:

    Christmas, of course! Love all of those adorable snowmen and Santa’s, not to mention the beautiful table linens.,

  47. Sharon says:

    Christmas is my favorite holiday of course. I love to make gifts.

  48. Barb Branigan says:

    I am going to go with Halloween

  49. Mary Anne says:

    My first favorite occasion to sew and embroider for is a baby, the second would be weddings and after that, name the celbration or occasion and I would be happy to sew for it!

  50. Tonya Reichard says:

    I love to sew projects/dresses for Easter, especially for my 2 GDs. It’s a wonderful time of newness with Spring and wonderful flowers of every color. Springtime inspires me with the freshness in the air too….plus I’m hoping that soon I can crack open a window or two. So ready for SPRING!

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