Check out all these FREEBIES!

ATG SFT010 Check out all these FREEBIES!

Find a TON of free designs and other great resources at

You can purchase design packs, read embroidery articles and post in their embroidery forum. Even convert up to 5 designs/month into different formats for FREE, just create an account on the site. All designs purchased from the site can be converted to other formats for free, unlimited. After the 5 free/month, each conversion is just $0.99, or buy a conversion package for more savings!

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4 Responses to Check out all these FREEBIES!

  1. BETTY SMITH says:

    I ‘m in the process of making the ITH clutch purse (M/A 2012)..pattern supplied by astitchahalf. The magazine directions are very sketchy even tho I went to the website for the video tutorial on the purses. The directions in the magazine for sewing the flap (p. 25) are very color #3 first, skipping outline stitch ( of which there are 2) then emb. remaining design. then add the lining piece (unlike the directions for the back & front. If I do it this way, the lining piece is not held down nor is there a stop in the emb. pattern to stitch an entire outline stitch containing the lining. Am I getting my point across? Love your magazine but somethimes the directions for projects need more editing.

  2. Lilian Martinez says:

    your designs are very beautiful

  3. sandra brown says:

    I tried to download the freebie Bag in Bloom, but although it said completed, it did not ask what format, I have a Husqvarna-Viking Designer SE, and I cannot find it anywheres in my computer.

  4. Kaustubh says:

    Thanks for Sharing this with us. The Machine Embroidery Designs are really beautiful.

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