“What Lies Beneath” free design correction

What lies Beneath 200x 150x150 What Lies Beneath free design correction

On page 55 of “What Lies Beneath” of the March/April ’12 issue, it states that the designs are available until March 31, 2011. They’re actually available until March 31, 2012! Download them at cmemag.com/articles/Lies_Beneath.

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2 Responses to “What Lies Beneath” free design correction

  1. earlean says:

    The design that I downloaded looks nothing like the design in the What Lies Beneath article on page 55, March/April issue. Am I missing something?

  2. barbara asberry says:

    love these free designs. I enjoy this magazine.Once I take , the magazine fron the mail box ,I hurry and get comfortable is my chair and read from cover to cover. thank you so much. ba

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