Wednesday Giveaway!

DPCMESN1DST1 Wednesday Giveaway! DPCMESN2DST1 Wednesday Giveaway!

Get over the mid-week hump by entering our awesome giveaway for a chance to win CME’s original Snowflake 1 (left) & Snowflake 2 (right) designs. These designs are perfect for embellishing all of your winter-themed projects.

Answer the following question in the comments for a chance to win: Who is your sewing/embroidery role model and why?

Post your answer by 10 am ET on Friday when we’ll announce the winner. Good luck!

Get a peek at CME‘s other original embroidery designs at

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32 Responses to Wednesday Giveaway!

  1. Bev Mowry says:

    These are beautiful snowflakes!

  2. Bev Mowry says:

    My sewing/embroidery role model is Paula from the Embroidery Barn in Pickerington, OH where I used to work until I moved away and eventually opened up my own Embroidery business. Paula taught me to love the embroidery business. It was my dream job and still is.

  3. Kelly says:

    John Deere for embroidery. I took a 2 day seminar with him and loved all the history his family has in the business. Nancy Zieman for sewing for her knowledge and her passion for it.

  4. tressie timerman says:

    My Aunt Betty was my inspiration for machine embroidery. She had a beautiful machine. For Christmas many years ago, she made me a embroidered towel with my “Tressie’s Kitchen” on it. On another Christmas she did our 1st initial on hankies. I’ve used the towel but have the hankie put away. It was the last thing she gave me and I will cherish it always. I hope to someday have a machine like hers.

  5. Pamela Coughlin says:

    I simply adore Martha Pullen for her Heirloom sewing, items she has collected and her sewing programs. She has a very big love for the Lord also and has many accomplishments to her name!
    I also enjoy Ricky Tims for his singing and love of quilting!

  6. Terry Colucci says:

    Walter Floriani– he’d just exudes knowledge and loves sharing the passion. Every time I do a seminar with him, I come away knowing SO much more, excited to try new ideas, and confident I can make them happen.

  7. Diane Moore says:

    My inspiration is the quilt club, Magnolia Stitcher and Needle Arts. My BBFs at
    our club have taught me so much, and we keep on learning from each other every
    Friday night at our regular “sit and sew”.

  8. Jani Hays says:

    This may sound weird, but I don’t have a role model. I am self taught and have never taken any classes or seminars. I don’t subscribe to any publications, just emails and searching the web for designs and ideas.

  9. Carla says:

    Nancy Zieman she always has neat ideas and wonderful products.

  10. Beth Shelton says:

    My sewing role model was my mother, Betty. Her sewing was self-taught and growing up she made beautiful skirts and outfits for my sister and I. She then started sewing for herself and always looked smart and stylish in what she wore. My embroidery role model are the ladies at Sew-a-Lot where I purchased my embroidery machine. Those ladies keep my creative juices flowing with the beautiful items they make and give classes for. It is great to see items “in person”. They are also available if I have a problem. For me, mentoring is from people I know with the “hands on” ability, yet I so appreciate those professionals in magazines willing to share their expertise as well – in the field of embroidery, there isn’t a place for selfishness of knowledge but of sharing so we all benefit! Thanks

  11. Suzanne Ripple says:

    My grandmother is my role model. She never used a pattern and could hand sew a sew to look exactly like a machine stitched seam!

  12. Karen Zink says:

    My special Bernina instructors who have helped me learn machine embroidery on the Aurora 440QE and Bernina 830. They’re all so full of knowledge and enjoy sharing their insights with newbies like me!

  13. Tonya Reichard says:

    My mom is my sewing role model. She taught me to sew when I was in third grade. I was usually at her elbows when she was sewing anyway, so she taught me and I have kept up that tradition. I am a 4-H leader and have taught many kids to sew. The most memorable is teaching my three children-with my son winning 4-H State Days one year. Now I am teaching my oldest grandaughter (almost 7 yrs old) to sew and she loves it. As far as the embroidery, my grandmother did the needlework in my family and I got the bug from her!

  14. Judy Fain says:

    Linda Sansing who along with her husband Bob own the Sewing Center in Jackson,MS.
    She is a very kind & generous teacher who give each of her students confidence.

  15. Tina Gordon says:

    My friend Lori P is my machine embroidery inspiration and role model. She always has great ideas and her designs always look professional.

  16. Diana Henry says:

    My mother has always been my sewing inspiration. She started teaching me to sew when I was 6 — that was 60 years ago, friends! I have never been without a sewing machine, old or new. She taught me old-school, of course, from the advantage of a finely-pressed seam to the purpose of a carefully-cut pattern piece. To this day, whether showing my daughter or my granddaughter the finer points of sewing on a button or hand-stitching a hem, my mother is there, looking over my shoulder.

  17. baglady says:

    I love snow flakes and for the holidays I have a snowy branch above my bay window with about 100 snowflakes hanging in it with flicker lights! I just love to put it up every year! I have also make me a denim shirt that has lots of machine embroidery snowflakes on it! LOVE this one!!

  18. Wanda H Leffingwell says:

    No one was my role model, i just know I loved sewing when I had my first sewing lesson in School! I love seeing the project come to life in each step of sewing!

  19. Madelyn Whitley says:

    My role models are all of you who sew/embroider and share your wisdom with others. I learn so much from groups where you can ask a question and get great answers. I am self-taught with embroidery/applique so those that have gone before me are a huge help! :)

  20. Mary Flanigan says:

    My favorite sewing role model is one of the instructors at my local sewing store who sent me a holiday card with a dove embroidered onto the card stock. She wrote “See what you can do with your machine!” I love that she sews outside of the box. Her name is Kathy J.

  21. Debbie says:

    My mother, she taught me enough then made me take sewing in jr high. Now I enjoy sewing so much I do it for a living as well as a hobby. Just starting to do machine embroidery.

  22. Birdie Cade says:

    My role model for machine embroidery is Steve Wilson of Anita Goodesign as he does a phenominal job of digitizing & offers a quality product to the public. My sewing role model is Eleanor Burns as she has done so much to make quilting fun & introduced quilting to the masses.

  23. Cheryl says:

    Marianne is my role model; she is not a fraid to try new things and really loves what she does.

  24. Tammy Flannigan says:

    My sewing/embroidery role model is my grandmother.

  25. Stacey Bible says:

    My sewing role model was and will always be my mother. She could make anything she set her mind to. She once watched a Star Trek show and then made a captain’s uniform for my then 1 yr old daughter, without a pattern. As for an embroidery role model I would have to choose Maddie Kertay. She is a super talented digitiser, and teacher. I’ve had the pleasure of taking several classes with her and love to read her contributions to embroidery magazines.

  26. Brenda says:

    I love sewing with Nancy. She seems to make it so simple.

  27. Leesa Hunter says:

    I have so many embroidery role models I am unable to pick just one. Here are my top ones today.
    For helping me get started with embroidery (over 10 years ago now): Ann the Gran,
    For helping me with the change from home embroidery to going into business: Deborah Jones
    For giving me lots of ideas and keeping me motivated: Creative Machine Embroidery Magazine
    For helping me with Digitizing: John Deere and Balboa Threadworks
    For Designs that make me giggle and keep me always looking: Charming Station Embroidery and Sewing for Sarah Embroidery
    of course there are many more but these are the ones that come to mind first.

  28. Cindy McCarty says:

    My sewing role model would probably be my aunt. She always has amazed me with what all she could whip up.

  29. Lori Gertz says:

    My friend Diane. In a small town a good friend who does prof. emb. is great for all the silly how do I questions.

  30. My machine embroidery role model is Lita Glenn from Oklahoma. I met her in November while visiting my daughter. She shared her joy of machine embroidery and showed me many items she had made. She also helped me design and make a number if clothing items to bring home. Over the course of the about 10 days that I could spend a few hours here and there with Lita, I became enmeshed in machine embroidery. Her joy, creativity and love of the art was infectious. I came home and within a week purchased my new Husqvarna Ruby. What a great gift/talent she has. and is willing to share with those she meets.

  31. janet ashman says:

    all the designers in the multitude of Embroidery Magazines I have bought over the years and the online instructors who work to improve our knowlege of embroidery designs .

  32. Linda says:

    I am a newbie to machine embroidery, though I have many, many years of sewing experience. The Brother Innovi-s 2800D that may husband got me for Christmas is my inspiration. I cannot believe how fantistic it is to have this new machine!

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